So just enabled the bloody harvest and found bugs

and found invincible enemies

maliwan soldiers refuse to die (most likely a conflict between the instant death effect from shooting their crit spots on their backs and spawning the ghosts as it only happens with maliwan soldiers that die from being crit shot in their back elemental canisters and instant killed while having a ghost)

will post more as i find more

The immortal Maliwan soldier bug has been around since launch actually. My usual workaround is to yeet 'em off into oblivion if we’re on a bridge or near a cliff. :slight_smile:

What’s your favorite knockback source for this? I’m still on the hunt for an Impact, triple Force grenade (and I’m not even sure it’ll work).

Usually I just use a Quasar (still my favorite utility grenade, carrying over from BL2), though once in a while it takes a couple tries to actually send them over into the abyss since enemies tend to kinda ragdoll-orbit around the grenade as it does its thing.