So, just the top-end red chests for this mini-event?

Or the white ones too apply?

The announcement says “Rare chests” so I would assume only the various red ones. (Probably the ones included in the ‘red chest’ area challenges) They’re marked on the interactive maps (pinned at top of this section)


a event to tell people to farm traunt or boss who got chest after the fight lmao

as far as I can tell only red chests

I don’t know. I was farming for the Red Suit, none BTW after freaking 18 runs or more. However, there chest there is not red and every single time had at least two legendaries

The vault behind tyreen has 2 red chests. It’s great if you can melt her quick enough!

Are Mayhem levels impacting quality of loot from these chests? Just have very small anecdotal evidence: L50 Fl4K on M2 opened 2 chests and got 2 legendaries. L11 character in NVHM got none.

If so, then M4, here I come - chests provide very little resistance in game! :slight_smile:

I don’t think Mayhem Levels are effected. Last night I ran Jackbot on each mayhem for 5 runs each and both reds in treasure room amounted nearly identical results with 1-3 legendary per open(some anointed some not on each as well). About 1 in 4 runs would get stiffed on one of the chests.

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I was running a new mule through the Droughts and the Red Chest overlooking the race track had an Infinity & a Firestorm. On my level 50 Amara, Giga’s red chest had a Hell Shock & Flood and the red chest near Typhon’s cache had a Wagon Wheel & an Echo skin (a new one for once.)

How long does it take for red chests to respawn/reset? I assume they don’t by simply save/quitting.

In my Giga runs, after a certain number of save/quits the chest will reset. I don’t know the exact number… Traunt’s vault seems to have a longer reset timer, for some reason.

This may be pure luck, or maybe because it was weeks ago. But in Athenas on MH4 i killed truant 20 times and would quit, reset rinse and repeat and the chest was there every-time


Wierd, in my giga runs that chest is reset every time… ive farmed that spot nearly 1000 times by now

  • difference in load times? Pc vs ps4…im on ps4

It only happens I notice if you do not finish the game. On NVHM I can access it every time. Still not done with TVHM on one of my char and it will only reset once every 4-5 runs.

Complete the game NVHM and it should clear that. My guess is that they do not want people chest farming during story. (but boss farming is ok)

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So the only spots i know that are quick, is DLC Jacks bot with two red chests, quick kill or the Forgotten Basilica with two red chests. Both require boss fights, but both are pretty easy and tak less time then running around droughts

This is an odd location with wildly varying results. My experience is that the Red Chest next to Giga spawns about 20% of the time. This is based on a slightly small sample of 50 runs I did last Saturday.
And this is specifically with save/quit/rejoin. Which makes it weirder for me.
I dunno why this works this way, my programmer brain is very confused by this behavior.

I tried 3 times (exit, reenter) with the chests in the Droughts (TVHM story completed, M4 splitscreen cooperative): every time six or seven legendaries some anointed; same with one chest in Devil Razor. It’s insane … without fighting any boss… It seems that some chest are ‘dedicated’: from one only shields, another only grenades; on Devil Razor the one I tried gives a mix of weapons (Annexed Lyuda corrosive!), mod and artifact. Too much, by the way! It`s ruining the game OR Gearbox is close to announce level cap increase :wink:

I simply exit to menu and reenter; tried three or four times straight, no problem (XBOX, tvhm m4 and splitscreen)

I hadn’t known about the one on Ellie’s roof and it gave me a Breaker Com, an anointed Corrosive Linoage, a Maggie, a Hornet, a StopGap and a purple pistol! TVHM M3 lvl 50 Amara. The chests aren’t resetting after save/quit. I need to make another mule.

The red suit is a pain lol. I’ve been farming it since the start of the rare spawn and only 3 annointed, none the sntnl one I’m after.

But the chest is now making it less painful, as you said it’s 2+ every time, and usually annointed. Got Maggie ASE100 in it yesterday too.

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