So Kelvin needs nerfed, apparently

Keeping in good spirits with what we do to characters that are effective, Kelvin needs nerfs too. Because he is, well, effective. He can chain stun (apparently), has too much health, and a Get Out of Jail Free level 1 cooldown.

He is currently a good indicator that you’re going to get rekt if they have one and you don’t because of his Beta Ambra level survivability.


The fact that a character is hard to kill, can apply cc, or has an easy escape ability mean very little on their own. Typically, Kelvin can only do two of these things; he can sublimate on out at the cost of not landing any cc, or he can jump in with his cc and then be pretty much a big block of ice until level 5 or until he waits through his 20+ cooldown. And he’s supposed to be hard to kill. If you’re focusing Kelvin and you could be focusing anyone else at the moment, you’re doing it wrong.

Besides, in keeping with the comparison, he lacks three very important things beta Ambra had- good damage, range, and a small hitbox.

IDK. I’ve wrecked my fair share of Kelvins. His stun only lasts 1.5 seconds and I’m usually back up before he’s out of his Sublimate form so I can keep wailing on him after. His health is on par with Montana’s and Montana deals ranged damage at a crazy rate. Kelvin needs to get up close to actually do anything and if he opens with his Sublimate he won’t be able to use it to escape.

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Not too concerned with his offense or abilities, only that he can priss away from combat with 10% health and live over and over and over.

Ambra’s godlike damage in beta wasn’t so much the issue as was her unkillability.

This thread sounds like a joke based off your wording, and I partially hope it is.


Yup, I don’t really want to see him nerfed, but all my favorite characters are the ones getting hit by nerf bs

He’s garbage but that one ability…too bad they had to make it strong enough to warrant choosing him

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Kelvins my favorite tank. I normally end incursion with 8K+ health and most kills (totally not mostly chomp stolen) he’s just awkward and people don’t understand how to Kelvin well lol

I was starting to worry this wasn’t a satire. Which makes it the best kind of satire. Well played, friend.


In fact, it’s his ability to flee the battlefield which is annoying. But I never had tough problem against him. The best thing is to poison him or something like that.

I disagree, Kelvin seems fine as-is. Honestly, the majority of Kelvins I run into (on PS4) stink. Kelvin is great as part of a team that is communicating due to his chain stun but in pug he usually ends up being a more drain than an asset to the team. That is my opinion from what I’ve been seeing.

I’m noticing that enjoyable matches with Randoms only happens like 4% of the time.


I disagree because:

Sublimate is near godly in PvE, yes, but in PvP it gets trumped by Ghalt’s Chain and Traps, Shayne’s Chain, Rath’s pop-up, etc.
I don’t have an exhaustive list of what trumps Sublimate, but trying to get the Micro Macro Mist Me Lore unlocked, I can tell you I was upset with how many things took me out of Sublimate.

I will agree that certain characters don’t have anything in their tool-kits to combat Sublimate, but I don’t feel that, over all of the character selection, that it is overpowered.

I would encourage you to play as Kelvin in PvP some and see it from the other side to get a feel for where he is in the pilot’s seat instead of just as an observer (who I’m guessing is playing as one of the characters that doesn’t have an answer in their tool-kit).

I’m going to put this out there in case this ISN’T a satirical post, just to be safe.

I actually think Kelvin isn’t any good in PVP unless you spend the first 20 minutes of the game chomping enemies to get the HP bonus. I pretty much only played him on PVP just to get the Lore challenge. It only took 4 challenges so it was super easy. He’s really good on PVE though. Kind of rough at first but getting pretty great by the end. I could handle massive crowds by myself while everyone else struggled with 1 or 2 guys at a time.

Battleborn characters in general supposed to be all gums, judging from the way any characters that accidentally stand out from the bleh crowd are treated. Let one little baby tooth start poking through and it’s nerf city.

Except for Alani. Bitch was born with a full set of teeth and has made PvP into The Alani Show. Thank God she’s getting nerfed, but if all the other nerf victims hadn’t got hit we never woulda considered her OP in the first place… but we’re talking gums vs full set of teeth at this point.

Well, lets see. Ambra was completely overpowered, and she got nerfed. That was smart. Galilea could make every battleborn useless, meaning there was no countering her, so they nerfed her too, good. (though I think maybe just a little too hard, but for the msot part good) Ghalt was given a little too much of an edge so they toned down one of his helix choices if i recall or his passive, not that bad, seeing he can one shot a shard cluster at like level 5-8 with the right helix choices. And miko got a nerf, and he’s still ridiculously good when it comes to healing, good.

Shayne and aurox had a minor nerf but also a buff, which was great, and isic had great damage and was unkillable, so they fixed the unkillable part. That was good too.

This isn’t destiny, there is still flavor in the characters. Boldur isn’t getting nerfed and he’s one of the strongest tanks, possibly strongest characters out there, other than alani, if played expertly. Montana+miko is ridiculous with the right gear, but is stoppable, and they aren’t getting nerfed. Shayne and aurox is a sheild brawler, and may have more survivability than kelvin in a lot of cases, and she isn’t getting nerfed. And kelvin definitely isn’t getting nerfed.

The point of the nerfs wasn’t to make characters “bleh” it was to make the game equal. No one should have to feel the need to play galilea because the other team will, or ambra, or isic, you shouldn’t feel the need to play a “meta” character, and you shouldn’t get rid of differences either, where certain characters excel.

In destiny they keep everything so hardcore in line that now it’s down to weapons with the most range, because everything else is basically the same dps wise. They will nerf something just because it’s used, not even because it’s good.

Ambra and galilea and isic where just about as bad as alani. They fixed them, not destroyed them, for the most part.

Kelvin is fine, leave it alone.

Kelvin is fine. If anything he needs a rework of the health gain mechanic since chomping on last hit is easily one of the hardest things to do in this game aside from one-shotting weak minions which gives minimal reward. Without chomping enemies he is hands down the weakest of any bullet sponge characters- even Galilea outclasses him thanks to her shield taking damage. Boldur can out tank him without even adding his shield due to damage reduction via helix and potentially superior mobility.

Wait does last hitting Battleborn with chomp give higher health gain??