So let me get this straight

i just killed like 8 anointed enemies in devils razor. I melee them to break them open and they drop a fire pool that once I get the tick on me, it kills me. Period. Point blank. I die…awesome

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sounds more like the modifier Post Mortem triggered

Great, just when they recently fixed the issue of radiation explosions triggering on break instead of when they actually die and crystallize.

Yeah, I’m going with mayhem modifier there. I had plenty of anointed across a couple of sessions yesterday, and any DoT on them before they ‘hulk up’ and freeze is definitely removed before you bust them open.

Whether the Post Mortem modifier should work like that on crystalized anointed is another question, but at least you can easily check what modifiers you have in place.

I think it’s Pool Party, no?

Sounds like pool party to me indeed.
If that’s the one where you have to be on the move or a puddle of fire spawns under you.

Pool Party is when they drop a random elemental pool upon deletion of any of their health bars. Sounds like encrusted Anointed have a tiny, hidden health bar that you clear when meleeing their shattered husks.

that’s “the floor is lava” that one triggers when you stand still while in combat (also kinda wonky atm as it takes a while for the “combat” to end)

Aaaah ok!
Well, it does sound like he was melee’ing them crystals so, that is also a possibility?
That is, unless he melee’d multiple and they all dropped lava. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I understand making mistakes but acknowledging and fixing mistakes only to repeat them in later content can be just a tad annoying.

Kinda like how they added vending machines near the end of Skywell only to repeat the mistake with Jack’s Secret.

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Im saying, i know what it is. It was a mayhem modifier, but really??? I want so badly to like this update, but Im remembering why random modifiers just kind of ruined the game for me. I guess I’ll just try to roll the stupidist modifiers off blaghhhhhhhhhhhhh

They also emit Boundary Issues beams. But that’s more an annoyance than anything, the damage doesn’t seem significant.

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Frozen eridium enemies not being properly dead has been an issue since day one. The game would consider them dead in some ways (eg. you don’t have to melee them to escape FFYL or get XP) but not in others (they would still talk, make annoying status effect noises, damage you with status effects, still connect with other enemies during Amara’s “Ties that Bind”).

It’s such an obvious glitch that you’d think would be easy to fix…change the code so that when they’re dead, they’re actually bloody dead.