So lets compare which game was ready

Obsidian is about to release a game called Outer Worlds and it will be an Epic exclusive (almost), but it will be available on Xbox gamepass for PC as well as Xbox.

Let’s see if it is riddled with bugs and lag and Xbox’s shutting down randomly, or if it is released actually ready to go.

I say this because I am so confused about the amount of people who want to keep saying every new game released now is just as bad as BL3. Let’s see if Outer Worlds is even REMOTELY as riddled with bugs and lag as BL3. If it is I will be happy to admit BL3 is nothing different, but if it doesn’t have half the issues how about we stop giving Gearbox a pass on how bad of a release this was and how it should have been early access, not a final product.

I will be back to post here if I am eating my words or if all the people giving Gearbox a free pass will be eating theirs.


I watched trailers for the game and I am planning on playing it. Maybe not during the week 4 event but I will. But one thing that is probably accurate to say is that I doubt that game will have as intense fights that bog down the game like bl3. There are so many more elements to cause lag in bl3 then its predecessors. And there isnt many games like bl3

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I am not talking about intense graphics lag, I am simply talking about menu lag, and general NPC lag when talking to NPC’s about quests.

I have never been upset about lag in intense fights, I am upset about lag that should have been noticed the first time anyone loaded the game and went to their inventory. On the xbox it is really hard to miss, plus the multitude of other bugs.


it will have bugs and it will be patched, keep us posted tho.

There is a difference though between a few bugs and OMG LAG at every turn or quests so riddled with bugs you can’t even continue (aka Clay).

Again, I am not saying it will be bug free.

People keep saying on these boards that EVERY game released has a multitude of game breaking bugs and lag issues, I just thought Outer Worlds would be a good comparison for that since it is a well known game company that is known for the games it releases and the quality of those games.


no, people say around here that games these days come out with bugs and most of them get patched sometime down the line. I get your point and i support it but please do go on the extreme side of things. Some people have almost no issues too, I am one of them. Some people have more issue and I get their grief but its not all black or all white.

Actually, I keep saying I don’t think the game was ever beta tested because there are too many things that would have been impossible to miss such as the lag or how TVHM is way to easy and many other things that just playing the game would make obvious.

In almost every thread I get a reply saying every game released now is like this. They don’t say every game released has a few bugs or a little lag, they say every game released now is similar to BL3.

I disagree with that statement and I simply picked the next game I was planning on getting which is Outer Worlds, to prove not every game released has bad lag or bad bugs that stop a chunk of the player base from being able to play the game.

I am curious to see if anyone complains about their xbox randomly shutting down or if a main mission won’t advance stopping player progress.

I am simply going to compare what so many people have told me that every game now has happen.

Alright, have fun.


I used to be Head of QA in some company as my last QA tenure before moving to development for good and let me tell you something…

Amount of defects and issues found in even relatively small software development projects can be staggering and you don’t have limitless amount of workforce available to fix it (let alone fix it without breaking something else, which is a whole next level).

I remember for us having a backlog of 4 thousand issues we have reported, many are duplicate or related, but a lot are not and this was a relatively tame, no nonsense development project there.

I can only imagine how many issues are opened for the game, how complex are builds and so on.

So why I tell you this? Because if you see an obvious bug ingame, it does not mean “herpa derp there is no QA” - most likely it was found and reported by QA, as in issue opened and is in the backlog (get over yourself, btw). It just means that this issue was not chosen to be dealt with during the sprint, because there were more pressing issues that might have blocked everything else or were MUCH more severe.

So on my end, I am pretty satisfied with technical state of the game - overall it plays well (and I am not talking about ancient ass consoles that choke on 2019 AAA titles), I completed whole game without encountering “holy crap can’t play” bug and at most what I have seen are annoyances, the bloody worst of which are stuff like mobs being stuck in walls or such, which is far from OMG GAME BREAKING BUG OMG OMG.


You raise very good points, but your points just bring up the fact the game was not ready for release.

You talk about ancient ass consoles, but those consoles are running games that are more intense and better graphics then BL3 (which are good, but not the best on the market). BL3 slows down below 50% when entering a menu on the xbox and in split screen it can come to a complete standstill.

If you have read the boards much, which I am sure you have, you know a lot of people are having issues ranging from saves being deleted, clay not advancing a main mission, or needing to reload the Troy fight a multitude of times before you can finally advance the game.

I understand picking what issues need to be fixed first, but game breaking lag for xbox players should have been top tier priority BEFORE release.

We have 2 options to consider…

  1. They never did beta testing which is just stupid, but ok.

  2. They did do beta testing, they found lots of these bad issues like lag which would be impossible to miss, and they chose to release the game in it’s current state anyway.

Personally option 1 makes them look better, and that’s bad.

My point of this thread is, lets see if Obsidian releases a game with similar lag issues, any game breaking quests, etc, because I don’t think they will. I really doubt that the game will be laggy at all and I bet the game was thouroughly beta tested for quest bugs.

If it is remotely like BL3 I will be happy to eat my words and admit I was 100% wrong, I just wonder how many of you will admit Gearbox cares absolutely zero about their customer base if Obsidian DOES release a finished game that doesn’t need a 30 day patch just to make the game playable for a lot of its players.

Outer Worlds isn’t going to be the same size as Borderlands either. It’s supposed to be a 10-12 hour game you can run through with different choices and character roles.


Not sure where you get that other then 10-12 hours of main mission, but the game itself is expected to have 30-40 hours.

Those timeframes are similar to BL3.

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I think the game will be fun on in it’s own right but I think bl3 will be better overall. It looks like a polished fallout game not made by bethesda. Honestly obsidian should have the fallout series not bethesda

I am excited about both, and if BL3 gets back on track and follows BL2’s footsteps it will be great I think also.

Right now I just get the feeling Gearbox wants BL3 to basically be Fortnite with loot. It just doesn’t feel like Borderlands to me =(.

I disagree. I feel parts of bl and bl2 in bl3s gun system. I would seriously give it time. Its definitely going to be something great. It’s still in infancy yet

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come on dude, are you for real?


Yea I have no idea how people compare borderlands to fortnite.


Wasn’t that the game they claimed to have brought object pinging, mantling, and sliding from? Not that I agree but that could be why is all…

As far as the topic, I can’t contribute. My wife and I spent a hundred bucks on this game because of our history with the series - and the hype made it seem worth it. We don’t have disposable income so no new games this year are in the future… We were really banking on enjoying this title and hope co op gets fixed sometime soon.

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A lot of my friends compare the two.

As for giving it time, I absolutely will. I still have hope they will right the ship.

My feeling is this…

BL2 was bad when it was released also, and people complained a lot. Gearbox finally started listening a little bit and BL2 turned out to be one of the best games of all time, if not my favorite.

I hope if the community is vocal enough they will get the game back on course similar to what they did in BL2.

But, I see so many people saying they don’t want BL3 to be anything like BL2 which confuses me. This is a Borderlands game, why would you want to get so far away from what made the series great?

I agree with balancing which I feel is the most hated part of bl3 thus far. What is the point in having a small set of gear that is simply way more powerful then the rest? All it creates is a set of meta builds and gear that trivializes the game. Those people then get bored after a short while since their gameplay is so repetitive and then quit the game. I dont want anymore sandhawks dpuh pimperhabs. I love the that underused are getting buffed and the overused are getting balanced and or fixed. This so far has created variety for me and along with that longevity. And because of the balancing I’ve tried gear combinations I wouldnt have done before.

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