So let's talk about all the guns that aren't legendary

What is your favorite non-legendary gun? Have you found anything completely off the wall?

I haven’t gotten through all of the side quest, but It seems there’s a lot of really interesting weapons to go after this go round.

Yeah, kinda hoping for some pimpernelish guns in this game. Blue but better than orange

I think the Porta-Pooper 5000 is pretty good at level 50, does nice damage but relatively slow.

A Hyperion Subsidized Host, a shotgun that shoots bouncing radiation balls does alot of damage +300 splash damage with 2761 dmg/s radiation damage with a base damage of 1315. Has 12 Mag size and consumes 2 per shot so really good, it is blue quality.

A Jakobs sniper called the Dastardly Muckamuck, crits for 43k at highest I have seen or noticed, basically can occasionally one shot pretty much most enemies and take off shields in one hit. Its base damage is 3227 with +21% Crit hit damage, +59% weapon damage, crit hits richochet 1 bullet to nearest enemy. It is also blue quality.

A Vladof Annexed Strack, heavy weapon that has a secondary which is a Mortar that shoots 5 or 6 Mortar shells that deal 4882 base damage but I am sure that I have seen much higher numbers when using it, it also does 1813 dmg/s radiation damage and makes very short work of the Heavy guys. it is also blue quality.

I wonder if i am actually able to find purple quality versions of all my weapons, I have had them for a while now.

one favorite of mine is the amber management gun i use on my moze demolition woman/ shield of retribution build and its quite good up to mayhem 2 also its healing effect is quite the life saver in difficult fights

i also like the hunter sniper rifle reminds me of the elephant gun and has good damage currently leveling fl4k to help make good use of it.

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Hosts are my JAM as a kneepads Zane. Slide to oblivion and fire one of those into a pack of enemies and hold your nose :joy:

Maliwan Proton Rifles are a lot of fun; a purple one is good enough to instagib trash mobs with a proper sniper build and can fare pretty well against regular badasses as well

I really like the Redistributor, the blue SMG you get for finishing the story quest on Athenas. When I first read the item card I thought every 7th shot was not often enough for the shock chaining to be good but it wrecks groups of shielded enemies.

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I like the Earworm a lot. Had it for a while and it does alright .
I have a couple of purple torques a shotgun and a assault rifle that have stickies. I got a bone shredder in fire that rocks but eats ammo. Fun though. IF I had more bank space I would collect more non legendaries. Hopefully soon. :slight_smile:

My favorite non-legendary item is the ECHO-2 grenade mod.

Shredded Bangstick is a mighty fine high damage shotgun, comes in all elements too so far as i can tell. Purple tends to outperform most of the Legendary shotguns I’ve found thus far.

Depends on build. With my Moze who is all about guns first and shields second (ignoring mech and explosives), I’m a huge fan of the Rattler (Dahl’s fastest-firing sniper rifle). Its biggest advantage over its Dahl siblings is superior handling, so almost zero sway and little recoil.

With unlimited ammo and a lot of buffs to gun damage, crit damage, accuracy, handling etc. it’s devastating. It’s very accurate, the first shot always hits exactly in the centre of the crosshair even no-scoped when moving around. When holding the trigger it does some 6 shots per second with high accuracy and little recoil. And again, ammo doesn’t matter with a bottomless mags build.

I’ve probably said this before, but it’s basically an assault rifle on roids. With other builds, I usually have to mix guns a little (not least because ammo), but with this build I just don’t need anything else. It destroys in any situation at any distance.

I particularly like Jacobs Outrider; pump action shotguns with decent accuracy in mid range, steady fire than Scattergun’s double shot mechanism. The one with a front grip and square iron sight suits my best. I prefer it over Garcia and Sledge’s since those legendaries don’t function like pump action at all.

Same to Maliwan Proton rifle. All legendary Maliwan SRs I found are either rapid fire or have weird mechanisms(like ASMD). Proton rifle’s charge mechanism is better fun and effective in my hands.

All Vladof Pooshkas can be overshadowed by Lyuda, but I like the one with shotgun attachment so I carry it sometimes. Vladof Strack is the only heavy weapon I use, but haven’t found Jericho thus hard to compare.

In fact, a lot of legendaries have special effects I don’t like . I prefer simple ones like Monocle or Shredifier. That’s the reason why I am more focused on looking for decent purple guns.

Starkiller. Pistol with Incendiary damage. Helps melt Annointed. Second fave is The Sellout.