So long BL3, It’s not me, it’s you

Well, what can I say, after more than a year on this game with all the DLC purchases and hanging on every update, with a brief hiatus to kill COD nazi zombies, coming back for Cartels only to find out the drop rates are terrible and farming takes infinitely longer now, I’m done. Waiting months for the seasonal content was ok once, but when you delayed months only to nerf the drops, make me have to refarm higher level gear and, did I mention nerf the drops?…no longer worth it. Love the series, but the changes you’ve made have been for the worst. Arms race is intolerable - the second the chest is open, WHAM! - the murdercane wipes you out…all people care about with Bloody Harvest and Cartels is the ghast call and opq but what’s that? Oh, only one drop and it’s a woodblocker on M10. Unbelievable. BTW - Haunt and Joey are broken. Or you intentionally made them tanks, which was another bad move. Your loot ghosts don’t drop legendaries anymore. Where are the event drops? Honestly, it’s just lazy at this point. You didn’t need to change anything, just open up Cartels and leave the game alone. This crap is getting uninstalled unless/until the drop rates are worth it again. For the folks who say “oh they were too high”…the point of these games isn’t to find one of what you’re looking for it’s to find several in various configurations…stop being elitist. They were never too high - they might’ve dropped crap legendaries but then balance the legendaries - make the crap legendaries worth it. Lots of ways to keep this game fun but when someone like me goes back to COD (first COD in 7-8 years btw) because this game got stupid, only to come back and find it more broken?…I might be out for good gearbox.


Perfectly put. Thanks very much.


Totally Agree…


Surely having drop rates that give you everything you want in just over a day isnt great either :thinking:


Surely, but the game was never that way. I’d farm monarchs when backburners weren’t dropping, I’d kill EL when I lost patience looking for dark armies… farming for ONE gun I want and having it take 8 hours and doing 3 cartel and haunt runs and only seeing ONE seasonal drop isn’t fun…


No one ever asks for this. There’s miles of gray area between “reasonable drop rates” and “100% dedicated drop rate; one in every element, every time!”


Yep. Great post. I really don’t understands gaming companies like GearBox. This patch could be really great, but they ruined it with the terrible drop rates. Really bad decision making that seems to be the norm.

There’s pretty much no difference between the loot dropped for Mayhem 10/11, and Vault Hunters just starting out. It’s a freaking joke.
I’ve stopped playing too.


I farmed a level 72 plasma coil and am playing a bit. There isn’t any point in even pausing for the various purples, blues and greens. This take me back to…I don’t think those now ‘in charge’ of this game even play it. That would be one explanation for the …inappropriate… ways they modify it.


Got a decent yellowcake on first cartel try.

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I’ve been farming cartels for 3 or 4 nights now and you are right. Drop rates are abysmal. What’s the point of playing when all I have to show are a few Watsons and a few world legendaries.

I had one full play session where I didn’t get a single cartel drop. And why the hell are seasonal bosses dropping world items only at times? It’s infuriating.


I have to agree with this, the game seems to be somehow getting worse with every new update. Now, there are some good things that have arrived such as the anointment reroll machine, Maurice vendor, Avas missions etc. but what I mean is overall enjoyment. Drop rates is one of these aspects, there is basically zero point in doing any mobbing or chest farming as pretty much all drops are tied to bosses (with low drop rate). So many items being locked into Arms Race is also annoying, not a fan of that mode, especially when the good stuff barely ever even drop. And then there is also the ultra-spongy 10 minute boss fights that drain my patience


And what did happen to Joey? I haven’t noticed any discussion about this, but he’s suddenly damn near unkillable. And I mean that in comparison to everybody else in that event, even.

It does appear that they increased his henchmen too, I can’t kill any of them (even Roaster) without them going into an invincibility phase and I remember wiping them out much more quickly. But, I can still get through everybody but then hit the complete invincible Joey that I can barely get his armor down before running completely out of ammo.

That’s using a Lvl 71 yellowcake, Level 71 firewalker and Lvl 72 Lightshow as Zane.

I can simply shred almost everybody else on M11, it’s not that Joey is different. It’s that he’s scaled completely differently than everybody else even in his own event. Not at all the way he was during the last cartel event.


I re-launched to get to new max level (just because) and pick up a new OPQ for fun.

But it’s too tiresome to even get to Joey and pals. The reduction in cartel enemies means way too long wandering around various maps to get enough tokens to visit. Tedious and uninspiring, nothing new to do just go back through places I’ve been 100 times or more just hoping a cartel goon will show up.

Not enjoyable. Back to BL1 & 2 for me.


Funny, the Cartel thugs were so few and far between as opposed to the original event, I had to keep checking to see if I had the event activated, went back to Maurice a few times and googled to see WTF.


You just have to run maps with lot of mobs, posted a few examples already. Running big maps is actually counter-productive.

Most of the time i get enough rings in 1 trail (the one with the tink works great)

Same for MTD

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lol they only nerfed world drops, not dedicated drops. whats the point of this thread?

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“I’m leaving the game :angry::angry::angry::angry: and it’s bad :rage::rage::rage:” that’s the point, in a nutshell. Nothing uncanny when it comes to these forums.


im not noticing Joey being impossible to kill and im playing it at mayhem 11. maybe im missing something or my setup just kills him no issue. as for drops, maybe try to increase the luck drop rate? idk if that even makes a difference.

Indeed sure took me a few days to get lvl 72 weapons…

Found a good lvl 72 seein dead (easy farm)

Now i just need to farm new classmods for the others and some new artifacts (wich i admit are hard to farm)

Wished the true trails would also stayed (now they’re back to being useless again)

When you buff Iron Bear you know what kind of future BL3 would be … And buff the LifeSteal anoint to 50% because it’s clearly the issue of this anoints , i can’t see any hope for this game and/or what is the meaning behind this , i know they want to change the meta but this kind of change will change anything because the people behind hotfix doesn’t understand the game and this patch with the anoints change is a proof

I like the game , i don’t care about re-farming IF the game have less RNG ( Hello artefact/Class mod / LightShow 33% Drop - Nova Berner 2.5% ) , i don’t care about lvl 72 , i just want this game to be CLEAN it’s not hard to LISTEN what we want we are not all bad people some of us just want to help