So many choices so little gear loadouts

I have been struggling with making gear loadout for my favors characters but I have too many for the 9 that are allowed. here are the characters I’m going with and what I got on them so far. I would also like to point out this is for both PvE and PvP.

ISIC: He is my faves of them all. -6.93% cooldown timer. +109 shield strength with a -16.33 reloads speed for it to be free and a +231 max health.

Alain: a great hybrid of attack and healing so far. +14% heal power with +9.80% healing received for after taking health damage, +9.64% attack speed and a free -7% cooldown time for -10.50 critical hit damage.

Whiskey and Mike: Fan of first place shooters and it a mix so I have some room for more. +9.64% attack speed, +16.78% reload speed, +8.39% shield penetration. -15.29% Recoil +3.67 HRpS and +0.92% SSRD

El Dragoon: Have good times with this guy on capture maps. +4.94% DR and +2.47 % for after activating a skill. +9.71% AD with 208 max health after 180 seconds. the least one is the same as Alain’s and Mik Whiskey it calls Keen Retracting Wrishtblade.

Kleese: Like this guy personally and great at the single line maps. +6.33 SKD with 89 max shields for 30 seconds after buying a buildable. H3nchm4n’s capacitor and easy money.

Boulder: I think I have good gear for him and I think I beeing good on him. +6.22 HRpS pulse 3.73 while the shield is depleted. +10.95% Healing Received pulse +7.66% with no shield. +4.57% speed and +5.71 heal power after taking health damage.

This guy I got so far here are the ones I’m think making my main players.
Ghalt: Haven’t played him yet but he looks and sound cool.

Caldarius: Played him and I think I can play him better after some tries.

Phoebe and Rath: I think I can make the same gear loadout for both of them at the same time.
Toby. Tiny but powerful.

Orendi: I think I don’t need a gear loadout for her.

Shayne & Aurox: Seem like a good choice for any both PVP and PVE

Gallilea: Same as Shayne & Aurox.

That what I got. So what characters should I make a gear loadout and are the ones I made good enough for them?

Please divide your posts up a little more to make them easier and nicer to read for everyone! :slight_smile:

/ Haha I feel I say this a lot on these forums… Sorry :sweat_smile:

I would like 2 load outs per character.


maybe make it so we can keep buying more loadouts with credits/platinum

I’ve read multiple times in this forum that shield depleted gear has no effect on eldrid because they don’t have a shield so it can’t be depleted. The only eldrid affected is kelvin because he has a shield with degeneration.

Agreed i’d love to see some more loadouts. I feel like I’d really want one for each character eventually given the unique legendaries.