So many connection issues with this game.....what is being done

I live in Melbourne Australia, have cable connection that is always lightning and today I cant even start this game, I keep getting the player initialization error and when i do get in, when finding a party it continues to kick me out of each grp stating network issues… very poor launch gearbox if this continues I want my money back.

I’m having same issue in America. I haven’t been able to play in 3 days I can’t even login. I’m a die hard gearbox supporter but this has got to be the most broken game I’ve played on the generation.

I agree, I am in America. Can’t connect to this game half the time. We tried this morning about 10 times. It said check internet connection, then started saying there was a problem with our internet certification. We turned on Battlefront and we have been playing for an hour. Gearbox and 2k don’t seem to really care about these issues. It was the same in the beta. Too bad, this is a fun game!!