So many crashes :(

This time I crash during the 20 minutes long fight against Troy! :frowning:

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For whatever reason, if my game crashes it’s always at one of the vault fights

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Why are you fighting troy for 20 minutes to begin with? There’s smtn wrong right there… Either you are low level or you should look up some help on building your character. I know that game crashes are a bummer but fighting 1 boss for that long is equally a problem.

Wow… I was lucky so far… it;s my first vault fight crash! :open_mouth:
Thanks for me cheering me a bit! :slight_smile:

Theres a lot of people on this forum that would gladly help you with making a build or whatever else you are having troubles with :slight_smile:

Please don’t go wildly off-topic to demean someone. This thread is about crashes, not the OP’s particular skillset


Well I did follow some build… but I don’t have any good legendary…
and only guardian level 40 (almost all cooldown action skill)
And, arguably, phasegrasp doesn’t help much against Troy, but can’t be bothered to change it, I don’t think it will be game changeing…

I mean it might be another bug that they are experiencing if the fight is that difficult. Something is clearly wrong on multiple fronts is what i meant, and I dont think they are bad at the game, and even if they are everyone needs to start somewhere.

In fact I have a gun that does x3 damage after phasecast! And I just realize swapping is free silly me (i knew that but somehow forgot)


Understandable, just saying this is how almost every thread breaks down into “git gud,” when anyone complains about anything

Yeah, this is such a typical and useless comment…
I just galze over it with a sigh…

TVHM+Mayhem 2, no special legendary (except x3 damage torque gun, gonna try that, might be good! :smiley: )
Most guardian level in cool down and find magical item

oh i’m sorry if that’s how it sounded, and if i offended the OP i really didn’t mean it. I was just trying to be helpful in the current state of things as a “general crash fix” might take quite some time to happen. I don’t think that waiting for such a patch is good advice either…

I can’t kill any boss or purple fast… even though I did try many of those “fast build”
skill only though, since I got none of the recommended legendary for any of the build I saw…

after dying like 10 times now… (sometimes I can’t even see the little guy, so cant second wind) gotta try Mayhem 1… we shall see…

Yeah it worked! Only 1 death! :slight_smile:
Mmm… got the occultist gun, fire heap of rocket.;. deserve some testing!
But one only like 1.2 shot per seconds :confused:

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Mayhem one is a good place to start, you can find a lot of legendaries on that difficulty as well and after gearing up go to M2 and M3, wish you luck!