So. Many. Crashes

I’ve been playing on pc since launch and can honestly say I’ve never experienced as many crashes since the last patch. I have no idea what is causing it, or else I’d just report it to 2k, but these days it seems totally random. I have yet to find a single crash that consistently relates to another. I’m playing on Epic and I’m wondering if that has something to do with it? I seriously have no idea where all of this has come from. I’m really excited for the dlc release this week but I have no idea at this point if I’ll even be able to play it. Any one else experiencing issues like this? If so please let me know, cause I really wanna play this game but at the moment I literally can’t play it more than 10 minutes before it crashes.

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Check your Mayhem modifiers for Chain Gang. Stability is the best its been for me in a while, but my game (also PC) really hated Chain Gang - I had to reroll it (with the Mayhem event changing my modifiers) because I was crashing every 10 minutes.

It could also be your pc, if you haven’t updated your graphics card drivers in a while that can cause stability issues across multiple games. Also verifying the game file integrity in the launcher can help as well

I could swear I’ve had more lately too. (PS4 Pro)