So many hours played

It doesnt feel like I’ve put in 62 hours into this game but thats what my xbox tells me. I wonder how much of that is sitting in queues?

What do you guys thing- what is the ratio of play time to wait time?

That depends on how often the matches you play end due to surrendering or disconnection. For me, it is/was a solid 25% or so, just counting PVP; PVE would probably make it closer to 10%-15%.

Steam: 1,645
BB: 972:20

Take the time played for each of your characters and add it up.


Actually I just checked. The time played that’s kept track in the command menu only keeps track of time spent in an actual game. All the time spent idle in menu or queuing for a game isn’t tracked by the game.


Didn’t know that, thx.

Due to typos I might not have been clear about what I meant the first time. You might want to double check to make sure you understand what I said. I did edit it now for clarity.

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Lol as soon as I read 62 I was like “here comes wise”

Steam: 829h
In-game: 381h
Waiting for the matches in a queue: ~400h probably. ^^

527 hours of play time for me, not sure about total spent in game because PS4.

that seems like far too much time to be waiting to play a game. Its like reading the stats on how much time we spend asleep. Its so wasteful.

It has its days, but I never felt like I had to wait a ridiculous amount of time like more than 5 minutes for story, longest wait for a pvp on a bad day has been maybe about 10 minutes.