So many negative people all the time

this is just baffling, so much negativity all the time, regarding everything, be it a game, movie or just life it self, every where someone manages to get something negative to say, and then lot of people follow it, streamers and youtubers seems to be the worst now, they feed on negativity all the time, and behold if someone else says, I thought that was a good movie/game, and that person becomes instantly a target, heck even streamers/youtubers who say positive things gets targeted of beeing stopid/■■■■■■■■ and other intresting words.

it is realy baffling on how this has become such a huge fenomenon as it is, I noticed today that now 2k, gearbox and epic games are starting to be targeted also, some youtubers already started to find things to complain about.

will this ever stop or is this just how the world works now.

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Unfortunately that’s just how the world is.
People are much more inclined to be vocal about things they don’t like as opposed to things they do like.
So while it may seem like tons of people are upset, usually it’s just a vocal minority because again, you’re more prone to speak out when unhappy than happy.

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I could give a rats a@& about what they think of this company and co partners! I absolutely love this game and who made it!! I value what you guys and gals post here also since this forum has always been moderated properly (props to you people), we couldn’t have a great game unless we help polish it. Granted i’m only level 11 and just got to sanctuary, so far i haven’t been disappointed the least. I think BL3 is a perfect replacement of the series and my positive input would be i’m happy. If you’re a Borderlands fan then we are in for a long great ride.

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Don’t they only get flak for the poor optimization/quality control? I mean, it’s poorly optimized and has a ton of bugs. So isn’t it fair to report on that? If people are ■■■■ talking about the games story or allround premise or something, it’s new to me.

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You must be a newbie to the world. This is how the world always has and always will work.

Has happened in politics for literally 1000’s of years.

It’s how it has and always will be.

I think it stems from three things:

  1. People have critical feedback, but they don’t know how to not sound like a total raging dick on the internet.

  2. Other people don’t know how to read text and not hear a raging dick in their heads, even if the stuff they’re reading doesn’t have any negatively charged discussion.

  3. The people who genuinely are raging dicks talk the loudest and the longest, so they’re heard the most.

Mostly I just ignore those people and try to enjoy games as much as I can. I leave feedback where I think I need to–and try not to sound like a raging dick while doing it–and that’s worked out for me so far.

If it helps, I absolutely love this game. It has its bugs and glitches, but overall it’s totally badass!


It’s because products in the gaming industry have stopped releasing in a finished state. When people buy an unfinished product, they get mad. So you see lots of people getting mad lately. Some companies still release finished products, granted, but they’re the golden minority. Gearbox is not one of those companies, so people get mad.

Argue it up, down and sideways, and you’ll probably have credible points, but the fact remains. Borderlands 3 has failing (1) user (2) review (3) scores across all platforms, and personally I think it’s more than justified.

Here’s a thread showing how many people, and their significant others and friends, this unfinished game has negatively affected. Bear in mind those who post on forums are a vocal minority; there are more dissatisfied customers out there, just as there are more satisfied customers. Bear in mind this issue is one of several, of which I’m sure you’re familiar if you took the time to make a topic on the subject.

Ok so whats the problem with constructive criticism if you were looking forward to a game for years and it didnt turn out like you people expected? Are you not allowed to share your opinion on a matter if you only have negative stuff to say? Some wish for changes based on said criticism and maybe they are mad or too negative because most companies keep ignoring their customers thoughts and instead of trying to change it they try to milk more money from the rest of the fanbase. I too tend to get extremely negative when i write reviews in a forum of games i played several hundreds of hours and spent more than 100 bucks and you dont even get a reply from and representative. If you are easily entertained or happy then good for you, others may be not. Welcome to the real world.


I never said constructive critisisim is bad, offcourse it aint, but more how some are doing it, they literaly try to get everything about a game to look bad, I meen everything from management to every single pixel in the game, it is like they feed on finding bugs and what ever to whine about, offcourse finding bugs and reporting them is fine, no question about it, but problem is when some youtube or streamer says something bad about a game or company, and 1000s follow him and say they same thing, even if they have no clue if he is right or not, seems anyone can come up whit any bs story about something now, and you get lots of people to follow, and then the doomsayers have been let loose.
heck I have had movies and games I have loved, and then wrote about it how I like it, and insantly I can get 10 people who try to tell me how stopid I am, becuse that streamer said something and I need to listen to him.
theese are the ones, that should be removed from any forum and banned to be honest.

so reporting bugs is fine, if done in a good manner, and not something this like this is ■■■■, refund please cant play becuse there is one dott braking the game, give feedback in a good matter and not go totaly berserk insantly, it is just super idiotical to do, and do not contribute to anything.

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No hard feelings but I don’t like that. That’s part of why we still have to deal with it and will for any foreseeable futur.

At some point in time being strong and having attitude issues got mixed up.
It existed before but I associate it with the rise of “reality show”. People idolized jerks who for the most part ended up being… jerks.
Now they elected one…

I mean two.
… errhhh A bunch.

People complain when they are right, when they paid for a product developed with their feet, since no one has ever received copies in advance to be able to review them and the reason was optimization, so your comment is sterile if you don’t know the background .

Since the thread has descended into complaining about people who complain about people who complain, I think I should close it before we hit infinite complaint regression.

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