So many new players! A perfect time to be a cool bro!

Hopped on a bit ago for the typical evening of beer and gear hunting, when lo and behold…

In 3 matches so far, the highest level I’ve seen is 11. Maybe it’s just coincidence, or maybe we’re seeing that ever so wanted player increase from the humble bundle. Either way…

It reminds me of way back when, back when TF2 first came out and by god I wanted to be an engi. Too bad I had no idea what I was doing and I hardcore sucked. First few matches wer awful, people hated me, and I was close to uninstalling. But this one guy, this ONE BRO, took the time to help me out, figure out what’s what, how to be a good engi, and how everyone is a spy until proven otherwise. Ended up sticking with and playing TF2 for years.

I guess what I’m saying is you don’t have to be chatty, and you don’t have to be the supper upbeat “Gosh golly gee welcome to Battleborn!” kind of person. Just don’t be the jerk, and you can still be the person who was pretty cool and fun to play with, or the one who gave them some helpful advice as they got started.

After all, learning sucks and we were all learners at one point :stuck_out_tongue:


I generally try to switch off between advanced for loot and normal to help the newer players. Generally I will go with a support unless one of them picks one, than I will try and go with someone who helps out a lore challenge.


I love this post. I humbly ask you for its hand in marriage…

Seriously, this is a LOT of truth. New players need someone to lay out some of the game’s truths for them. That’s just how it is. Do that, and you might just keep the newb around for many years. Fail it, and you might push someone away for good.


for the love of god the noobs ahem new players need to learn how to listen or learn how to use a MIC. multiple games new players are running around not protecting objectives and I can barely save the team with a sliver of life left on whatever objective. gets pretty annoying. its a MOBA not a single player game your playing with 4 others.
end rant


[quote=“TheRAbbi, post:3, topic:1541865, full:true”]New players need someone to lay out some of the game’s truths for them.

Part of my problem is that, in many cases, it doesn’t matter how hard you lay down said truths and how well reasoned and eloquent they might be, some newbies just have no interest in adapting to the game instead of vice versa.

Great example would be an Alani I ran with a couple days ago: she barely ever attacked and just used Riptide on cooldown without ever hitting enemies with it (e.g. using Riptide purely as a heal); her damage was absolutely pathetic (half of the second to last player; roughly 1/8th of the top; she preferred to stand around even when combat was right in front of her rather than using Torrent for Osmosis stacks) and healing was only slightly better than what the top damage (Attikus) managed purely through lifesteal, yet she stalwartly insisted that this is the exact way Alani is supposed to be played. No matter how many times I told her that Alani is supposed to be played as an aggressive healer that spends as much time attacking as healing and that attacking actually makes her a better healer (and explained how the helices and abilities proved this, also anecdotal evidence from myself where I routinely did max damage as Alani while keeping everyone topped off when most of us spent the entire mission at sub-50%), this newbie (I think they had a single digit CR) refused to admit that they were playing Alani in a painfully suboptimal way.

You can only teach someone if they’re actually interested in learning. Most of the newbies that I’ve met have no interest whatsoever in being told that they’re doing it wrong (especially if they believe they’ve mastered/learned a character after exclusively playing normal missions in preparation for advanced and blaming any deficit in their performance to the increased mission difficulty as opposed to personal incompetence). It’s gotten to the point where I’ve just stopped giving a ■■■■ about teaching and just muscle through until the end of the game, when I can just never run with that person again.

If someone is curious about how to play a character that I know how to play, I will give them the most in-depth guide/dissertation on that character that they could possibly want, but I’m not going to bother trying to teach someone whose head is so far up their ass that they can’t even see that they’re incapable of carrying their own weight.


Honestly, I still feel very NEWB (and sometimes NOOB) in group play, and wouldn’t have minded some pointers from a more experienced Benedict player yesterday. Just don’t feel that I held up my end all that well. And that’s at CR 57 or 58, IIRC.

If that’s the match that I think it was, I can kinda understand the hesitation about going head-first there, after how that first attempt went. Yeah, there’s a balance between timidity and YOLO, and some part of that balance is common across all characters.

Just sayin’, some of us ARE open to hearing, “Hey RAbbi, get your @$$ up off the ground with those WINGS, dingbat!”

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I can’t do it. I’m just too much of an elitist tryhard. This morning I started offering some of what I thought was well thought out advice and all that came out of my mouth was “gitgud u frggn n00b scrbz lolyoloswag ggnubz kthxbai”.


I am new. And I want to learn. But I was just lamenting that people have no patience to learn games with a curve anymore.

If you’re on ps4 you’re welcome to shoot me a friend request and we can run some missions psn genocidejack86

Aww man, I am on PC. But thanks! I guess I should have mentioned that. My bad.

I’m welcoming people every chance i get on pve normal <3 met some wonderful people today and got them set up on the discord so they wouldnt have to go it alone. :slight_smile:

One emphatically thanked me, and I hope my rush to go to work didn’t feel curt at the end :x

ill keep welcoming and offering help to anyone who wants it!

And even if you aren’t a good teacher, feel free to throw them my way (especially if theyre willing to get on discord; its so much easier to coordinate from there, even without a mic). I don’t care if i play every game with level 2’s :slight_smile:


Work’s kicking up for me, so I’m not generally on… but you might check out

It’s a general guide, but it might help you clear up any questions.


You might try this thread

It was an idea that came up a while ago that got some traction where people pretty much volunteered as coaches. The threads a little aged, but I’ll bet that you can still find someone, either one of the old volunteers or maybe this will kick off a new slew of battle school.

And if you find that there are some people that just want to ruin your day… I honestly have nothing else to say but welcome to the joys of online pvp. The mute button is for our sanity; don’t be afraid to use it.

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I read the beginners guide before I started playing. Have not read the Battle School stuff yet but thank you!

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If you’re gonna be around on the weekend, look me up on Steam. And if you haven’t already, get on the unofficial Battleborn Discord. That is, if you’re looking for someone to run some missions with. Weekends are about all I’ve got right now (I work 2:00-10:30pm Eastern weekdays).

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Okay, what is this Discord? I keep hearing about it. I do see it is a mic application.

This is the Discord app.

This is the unnofficial Battleborn Discord server.

This is a picture of a cute kitten.


Awwww! Kitten!! :slight_smile: Thank you!