So many threads about the same thing

I know you are probably frustrated and just want to rant about it, but there are so many posts about all the issues you may or may not be having.

Please use the search function and contribute to previous posts.

If you are looking for answers I implore you to check out this Q & A post. It will answer most of your questions.

The devs are listening and they are hard at work, we should all try to be patient and understanding. They are human too.

Dev Tracker - ( So you can stalk them :slight_smile: ) Thanks Ganjamira

Oh dear gods - FINALLY!!! Thank you so much for this, I was thinking about 10 times to write this topic, it was about time!!! :heart:
Good to know I´m not the only one with wound fingers from constantly linking related topics or already released info lol

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Oh, you should give a direct link to the Dev-Tracker, so many seem not to find it or use it >.<

Regarding the dev tracker, it seems like noob bait.

I feel that it would be more benefcial to have a popup before you can create a new thread:
“Have you searched for this topic? Is there already a topic in existence? Are these topics what you’re looking for?”

But users are generally um… “unobservant”, lets say.


Thats the funny thing: There indeed is such a pop-up-feature showing you related topics when you write a new one! Its just easy to click away, so I think 99% of the people don´t even look what has popped up just now…

Good idea, I added. Thank you!

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I have been guilty of this, but in my defense I’d say the search function isn’t really that good and I have struggled to find posts relevant to the issue I have been facing.

As I understood it, the developer has asked for feedback.

I can only really see this being a big issue for people who read every single post. My advice, don’t read every single post if it annoys you.

From another perspective, I have seen several posts where people are moaning about other people moaning about the same things, these posts could be seen as very similar to this one.

1 genuine question I do have regarding forum etiquette though. If a post is 6 days old and there has been no activity on it for 6 days, but I have something I want to say/ask about a similar or the same subject, do I add a comment to the old post or link the old post in a new post and then ask my question? I only ask because older posts don’t seem to get any attention and the new question tends to go unanswered.

6 days is fine for a reply. It’s pretty busy here, so there is some churn, but that wouldn’t be seen as a necro. A new thread might just exacerbate that.

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