So maybe we can get an option to turn off this event after today?

I personally hate those terror effect which glowing and mess up my aim.Yes I get it, people want to have fun and its free content for Halloween, but can we at least have an option to turn it off for the people that dont really enjoy it? I cant imagine i have play the game with those skulls flying around for one more month.


I agree, the Halloween content is unbelievably annoying. In my view it nullifies the fun and coherency of the underlying base game by throwing in all these distracting ghosts and dumb new mechanics. I cant imagine how confusing it must be for players who just started their first character/are early into the game. Hopefully gearbox will listen to the large majority of their reviewers on this forum and make the whole dumb thing optional, or at the very least avoidable. Can’t imagine it being like this until December lol but here we are


While it’s not bothering me, if they wanted it to be a month long I think they should have started it at the beginning of October. Seems a bit off to carry on with it after the holiday.


Completely agree. Gearbox seems to be good about listening to player feedback, so hopefully with so many people starting and replying to threads begging for an option to turn this event off, we’ll get a fix soon instead of being forced to deal with it for another five weeks.


Can’t you just not accept the mission from Maurice to prevent any haunted enemies from appearing? Or am I mistaken? I could be wrong since I keep doing it. I hate the terror effect too, which is what makes them so terrifying. Event needs moar skeletons tho.

I think a good way to toggle this on and off would be to have to have “Mayhem Mode” activated.

There’s no reason you wouldnt want the event if your in end game for extra/unique one time loot but i can see how it’s interfering with normal playthrough.

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They appear regardless of whether you’ve accepted the mission.

As for the ghosts being beneficial for end game play, unless you’re part of the tiny group of players who want to make terror builds or a collector who wants to hoard event-specific loot just for fun, it’s actually an annoyance since so many drops (and even quest rewards) have terror anointments.


I’ll add my voice to this. I’m trying to level my Amara through TVHM and it’s really getting in the way (the One Pump Chump is really hard to use when terrified due to the insane recoil). I don’t mind the Halloween content but it really needs to either have it’s own world space (similar to the head hunter packs in BL2) or have some way of opting out. The best way would be through accepting or not accepting the quest from Maurice. Unfortunately though, I’d imagine this would take some serious code changes so I doubt very much that anything can be done to change this event. Gearbox has been very good at listening to fan feedback so hopefully they’ll listen to some of the feedback on this event and make future ones optional.


You’re 100% right ! A friend of mine got the game last week and DM’s me asking “WTF is the go with all these skulls ?” Took me a while to try and explain :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Even as someone who thinks the ghost mechanic adds to the chaotic fun I agree that there should be an option for players to enable/disable it all at their own discretion. (especially if my hope that it eventually becomes permanent actually happens)


On my first playthrough and super annoyed by the ghost crap. Have not even been to the ship let alone talked to the guy to start the quest.

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I’ve been playing offline. No haunted enemies appear offline.
Also the events hotfix KILLS my performance on my PC. So I just unplug my ethernet cable before I boot up the game.

I find it really annoying when I want to storm through. When killing a haunted enemy, I have to back off, wait two seconds for the skull to materialise, then wait another second for it to start taking damage… there are just too many haunted enemies for this. Ruins my game flow.


I think best would be: Maurice mission taken -> Bloody Harvest active. Mission not taken -> inactive.

regardless your gonna be terror drops while this is active… you might as well have the loot skulls available. Fact is they are not gonna turn off terror drops til the event ends, if youve cleared the game you should try to get as much extra loot as possible. They cant just turn of the RNG of anointed items (maybe they can but its very unlikely)

im sorry, but i really dont understand what you are trying to say, something about turn off the terror anointed loot? But I think you dont get what we are trying to say here. The issue is this entire blood harvest is FORCED on us, we can not say NO to this event. As for those terror loots, they can take them all out of my game, I really dont care how good/op they are, i just want my normal game back, but nope, its here for an entire month.

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that just not gonna happen. If this was a paid DLC yeah, it would be an option but this is open free DLC added to the game. They cant just shut it off for certain people when it’s been given to everyone. The loot is added to the world pool. They are not gonna be able to deactivate for some without deactivating it for all. Your just gonna have to grit your teeth on this one.

there gotta be something to trigger the event, since if you never been to sanctuary the ghost would never show up in your game, but once you reach sanctuary, they are everywhere.
I am not saying it would be an easy fix or as you say they might never change it.

I have no mules and i havent picked up one terror annointed gun.

This means i cant play any of the circles of slaughter until this event is over.

I am losing interest fast. The skulls are beyond annoying. Halloween is over.

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You’re right. I confirmed it myself, haunted enemies appear mission or not. I can totally see how people would find this event annoying if they didn’t want to participate, although I personally am enjoying the added mayhem. I think it’s good that it is a limited time event and I hope ya’ll can find a way to put up with it in the meantime.