So Mayhem 10 drop rates have to be broken right?

Meh I already told a few others and it worked for them, you want to be like you are enjoy.

When a friend and I play, as soon as either one of us sees a drop that isn’t right we just reset the MH modifiers and everything for the rest of the session works fine and drops are fine UNLESS someone enters or leaves the game in which case we need to look for bad drops again and do the reset.

But of course you know everything and everyone else is an idiot right? So this won’t help you so there is no reason for you to try…

If it works great I’m happy. If it doesn’t, well you pretty well earned that didn’t ya?

When you say fixed you mean no underpowered gear dropping or like the rate of drops you see? I’m interested :thinking:

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So as soon as we see underpowered gear we do a reset of the MH modifiers and it fixes it until we log out UNLESS someone leaves OR joins the game, at which point we have to look for underpowered gear again and as soon as we see it we reset the MH modifiers.

But yes, this has worked for us the last 2 days for drops and keeping them at max lvl. Kepp in mind some gear is still a LITTLE less dmg but we attributed that do different parts/prefix.

Worked for both of us and I will be trying again tonight.

Also keep in mind everything I have done has been grouped with 2-3 others, I have done very little solo so I can’t speak a lot of solo problems.

Ah haha okay I haven’t had that problem I’m was hoping you guys fixed the lack of drops on M10 OUTSIDE OF PANDORA

sorry had to capitalize that because every time I complain about M10 drops someone has to chime in about somewhere on Pandora :roll_eyes:

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You said it perfectly! Thank you! Ive been having the same experience as the original poster and have been scratching my head. I first noticed when trying to farm the clairvoyance on M10. 9 attempts and ZERO legendaries. Not. One. Single legendary.


I have seen the complaints about the drops outside of Pandora so I have stayed away except Cartel.

I am staying in the designated farming areas for the next 4 weeks…

Yea I’ve noticed a significant lack of legendary and anointed drops since mayhem 2.0 came out! It’s hard to make a good mayhem 10 build when you can’t get any good gear for it


Mayhem 6 drops are so much more abundant than Mayhem 10 right now and half the pain in our asses.

Changing the Mayhem modifiers is basically reloading the map. If that’s fixing the issue (I haven’t tested it myself) then that tells me it’s a bug and not intended. That’s actually good news.

Clairvoyance is the real effing struggle right now. I’ve killed kritchy probably 150 times and gotten 7 clairvoyances. 5 of which were not even anointed and I’m fairly certain that out of those 5, 3 were def either insanely low damage rolls for mayhem 10 or well below mayhem 10 versions. Which given the confirmation now that 100% agonizers loot pools are bugged it wouldn’t surprise me if the entire game was borked right now. I’m just gonna hold off until a hotfix/update because I really don’t even want to risk wasting more time that is well… just wasted on a broken game atm.

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Not to mention the amount of time and effort others are just wasting farming on a broken game right now. This is ridiculous, especially right after a power increase. Of course people want to farm their fav. weapons again now and LITERALLY can’t because drops are broken. Such a disappointment.

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The XP and cash/eridium rewards also seem kind of underwhelming.

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Well, to be fair they did make eridium completely useless with the update. Now it’s not even worth farming Earl’s machine. Cash is similarly useless once you buy the SDU’s. It was dumb to make these things obsolete, but it would be even more dumb to make them obsolete and boost the eridium or cash drops.


bought SDU’s… filled bank within hours…

I am wondering if they plan on nerfing things like Yellowcake or even OPQ.

I love my OPQ but I am the first to admit it was wildly OP in its current state when you get a really good drop.

I can just imagine the uproar when Gearbox announces changes to dmg tables to these weapons after everyone spent all this time to get it.

Personally I think they need to tune out the players when this happens so they can really try to get more of the weapons to work properly and not just have 5-6 weapons everyone is drawn to.

If they nerf these new good weapons mayhem 10 will turn into an unbelievably dull slog fest to get through. I’m always anti-nerf but in this case I sincerely believe that just for the well being of the game the answer is to buff or fix other weapons to, maybe not be on par with but to just have less divergence in usefulness at the very least.


I truly believe, even as much as Gearboxdoesn’t seem to care about it’s player bases, they can’t possibly be missing the fact they are pigeon holing everyone into 1 specific setup.

Right now, artifacts and grenades help, but are not needed in any way.

I took my Amara with my OPQ and yellowcake, both are AS 200%, with no artifact and no grenade, with a friend who did the same thing, and we destroyed MH10 TTD without many issues.

Yes, we went in FFYL fairly often but we had no issues getting back up and moving on.

The game currently is fun for me because my 2 favorite builds thrive in this system, but there are tons of players who obviously won’t enjoy it.

You are limited to just a few guns if you truly want to obliterate mobs, and a few more weapons if you want to at least be easily viable.

My favorite guns before MH2.0, Hellwalker/Garcia/Hyperfocus, all do fine against trash mobs, but struggle against all the BA mobs that spawn.

I keep trying weapons and always revert back to my OPQ because it is amazing.

If they want the game to be long lasting like BL2 though, they need to give people more options.

So again, I truly think they will at some point, go through and fix a lot of this.

I have to believe or I will be kissing my beloved franchise good bye because I will get bored playing the same 2 builds over and over.

I think the problem here is quality over quantity. A lot of people on this thread are talking about their “room full of legendaries.” It’s cool to see a bunch of orange lighting up a room, but when it’s a bunch of junk like Gunerangs and artifacts, who cares. I’ve been killing Cpt. Traunt on Mayhem 8 for a couple of hours trying to get the new SMG, and haven’t seen it drop once. I know, I know, RNG, but c’mon. The new mayhem mode seems a little unbalanced.

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