So Moxxi dated Roland, too?

At the end of Systems Jammed, after the Meriff shootout, Lilith mwntions that Moxxi left Roland fir Jack.

She sure gets around!

Wasn’t Shank (I think that was his name) her husband in BL1. He was Scooter’s father - Knox DLC.

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Moxxi has had 3 hysbands…2 felons whom you kill in BL1 and also Marcus.

Maybe she’s looking for a third x in her name :wink:


She is talking in the conversation to mordecai


She says that she didn’t like Jack because Moxxi left Mordecai for him. Not Roland.


Oh, derp.

I need to listen better LOL.

I thought Papa Hodunk was Scooter’s dad. One of the CAR quotes in BL1 states that Scooter’s dad is paralyzed.

Naybe she got knocked up our of wedlock?

The opening cutscene of Moxxi’s Underdome DLC lists her three ex hubbies.

And didnt Scooter want that Lucky guy in BL1 dead for messing up his mama’s lady parts?

Yep, shallow grave…

Maybe he was, my memory is a bit vague about BL1.

Yep, Shank was the second one. My guess is that that Moxxi’s breaking him led him to question his sexuality.

I wonder what space STDs feel like, I bet Moxxi knows.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she hooked up with Terramorphous or other such creatures. Hmm, “too many tentacles”…? :wink:

If that is accurate then they screwed up with the story. Several times in BL2 and even in TPS they mention that she left Mordecai for Jack.

No, i had misheard the dialogue.

I think…

Three hubbies so far, in no particular order:

Mr. Shank
Marcus Kincaid

Also known to have dated:

Handsome Jack
Motor Momma
Lucky Zaford (depending on your definition of “dated”)

Interesting that she lived among the Hodunks, though she had been married to Steve-O and also got her girl parts messed up by a Zaford (according to Scooter).

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Aside from Marcus, werent both of Moxxi’s other husbands in Borderlands 1?

And dont you kill them both?

No. Steve is not actually her first; Steve is just a running joke character. Her first husband was a Hodunk. Then Shank, then Marcus.

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