So much farming wasted

i did a decent farm before the new dlc dropped which was a mistake. wasnt aware they would drop the level cap buff right alongside it. now ive had to do even more farming after the fact with a build slapped together, and it works alright butprobably not suited for mayhem 4. thinking i should just leave it until the mayhem 2.0 stuff drops seeing how theyre basically op levels.

honestly the biggest pains to farm for would be a new r4kk p4ck and a crater emp-5(and possibly a maggie) im pretty frustrated with the game rn, but i wanna keep playing.

i think you’re doing it wrong…

only thing you actualy need to farm for is a class mod and an artifact wich stacks weapon damage :wink:

my zane for example

CM -> 31% pistol damage + 15% vladof fire rate
AF -> VS frozen 35% damage + 50% cryo efficiency + 16% cryo damage + 17% pistol damage

only thing i need to look for is the cryo anointments (wich aren’t that hard to farm for)

with this allone i have no problems in M4 (actualy feels like i’m playing normal)

if you have the jackpot DLC just farm the boss at the bottom of the VIP tower (kill the badass at the start and then go on to kill the boss)

this should give you AT LEAST 1 classmod each run and artifacts are also pretty common there (you’ll be swimming in “autoaim” though hahaha)

also, for now, go to the lodge any place with a respawn point close to all 3 vending machines and just load, look at the legendary on sale, quit, reload and repeat…

but yeah… after mayhem 2.0 everything might be useless anyways…