So much missed potential

Alright, so I’ve been playing the borderlands games again and I just… I keep coming back to the feeling that bl3 dropped the ball in so many ways. But the one that’s on my mind right now is Helios…

It crashed into Pandora in tftbl and was run by ‘the children of helios’, ex-hyperion employees making a life for themselves in the ruins, and lead by Vaughn. I really think they would have been such an interesting faction to visit? Like, seeing how they had progressed since they were last seen in tftbl, their quirky habits, how they differ from the usual Pandoran residence, what changes they’d make to the ruins as they made it their home.

Not to mention, it would give Vaughn a clear reason to stay on Pandora and not join back up with Rhys. He feels like it’s his duty to lead these people, he wouldn’t want to abandon them…

And can you imagine if the Calypso twins attacked and took over the ruins of Helios, and a distraught Vaughn turns to the vault hunters to help him and the survivors take it back? Gives him a reason to get involved with the plot, and is honestly way more compelling that a guy just running around in his underpants and screaming about stuff.

Like… ugh, they had this stuff just laid out for them and they scrapped it for no reason at all?


I agree but sadly Gearbox already got rid of them.

The Fight for Sanctuary DLC for BL2 mentions that the children of Helios all died and yes it is a really lazy way from Gearbox to drop that whole story arc.

Oh. That bit. Yes, pretty weak after DLC5: Vaughan: “In retrospect, arming everyone with laser pointers wasn’t such a great idea”.

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I know, I don’t expect them to undo it (nor do I think they can) but I’m still annoyed… I can only cross my fingers they get some good writers for future games who take an active interest in character narratives and build upon what’s been laid out by previous games rather than trampling over it (maybe they snapped up some talent from telltales, who knows).

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