So my Email is my Name here? need a quick change :-)

So people had this problem before and i have it too. Username here cant be changed and is weird at first.

Im ingame as:


and i would like to be that here too…thanks :smiley:

All done. The bleeding should stop soon, but just apply a new dressing if it gets too messy.

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@Psychichazard Can you change my name as well? I use MaGicBush in game. I don’t understand why it’s my email, as I don’t feel like getting more spam mail than I already get.

Sure. Grit your teeth for me.

Good. All done.

Now, I don’t want you to panic. But we had an issue with one of your consonants, and we couldn’t save it.

I don’t expect anyone will notice. You could use an eyepatch, make a feature of it, or something.

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Hi, can I get gsuelzner removed and Replaced with Gilgamesh

All done. Epic.

Yeah, I thought it was weird you can’t change your username myself, but mine is close enough to my usual screen name so I just roll with it. Lol.


Your humor is really going unappreciated here. I particularly liked the epic comment.

Glad someone got the reference!