So my mission progress in tvhm got deleted after switching to solo

played with a friend in both normal and tvhm (in his server), finished them both
and now when I go solo (lvl 50), it spawned me on Sanctuary without any missions available (and no completed missions AT ALL) and Pandora as my only location I can go to
Went to Pandora and now I’m stuck in chapter 1 all over again

Are you back at Covenant Pass then? If so, that happened to us in couch co-op. If you play the character through the intro training section & get to the Droughts, it should given you an option pop-up to skip replaying all of the Missions you have previously completed in co-op. That’s what happened for my fiance. Then she could travel to Sanctuary & she was caught up with the playthroughs ready now for end-game & beyond.

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Yeah I’m back at there again
Thanks man ill try it

and it worked :smiley:
thank you very much


Awesome! Glad that helped. So much else is broken & buggy so good to know something worked out in the end. :laughing:

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