So my old Borderlands DVD does not install anymore

Because of the renewed interest in the Borderlands franchise I wanted to give the original another spin. I have an original DVD and tried to install, but SecuRom does not exist anymore so the installation fails. After some searching I find out I can convert my old DVD to a Steam copy with the help of some tool on Steam. But, the conversion tool was discontinued just a week ago. So now I have an original, legitimate store bought copy of a game I can not play anymore… Thanks. :-1:

If you send a ticket into the Zendesk support they may be able to help.

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So this is a thing I heard about but never looked into - they actually released BL2 on physical media sans Steam?

I mean, I’ll take Steam over SecuRom so I’m glad I missed this, but still.

Ooooh, what luck! I just finished instructions over on the PCGW article for the game on how to get original disc-based copies of Borderlands to work: (you probably have to scroll up a tiny bit after the page have loaded)

What it basically comes down to is that you need to download and use the manual release date check tool of SecuROM before starting the installation through the disc:

Note that as the granting tool is gone from Steam, you can’t convert your old copy into a Steam copy, so this disc-based copy will only be able to play offline.

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Thank you very much for this workaround! An official statement from the creators and the publishers would be nice, but at least people can play their game again.

I came here for the exact reason. I think it’s pretty lame that they took down the conversion tool on steam a day before the release.

I was going to pre-order BL3 but not anymore. I can deal with the Epic store exclusive, but I can’t deal with shady business practices that exclude customers who purchase their merchandise.