So my team just beat a team of GBX developers

Us vs. developers

You know what the best part was? Even though we were down 1 Orendi we beat their team score by 3 points (both forward sentries were down) and won! I say they held back because we had lost a teammate


I didn’t know they qued like that. I want to play with them…GBX, hit me up for games!

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I would have backdoored the crap out of their sentry… if they’re not gonna fix it…


Yea, Montana (who pretty much carried the rest of us) and I did that alot.


I even dominated the Ghalt-playing developer. He got his revenge near the end though

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I’ve always wanted to bump into developers while queuing. Hasn’t happened yet, but I’m keeping the dream alive!

All i see from this is that Galilea is still so OP that she can beat the developers 4v5. Need more nerfs.


A lvl 9 with Ghalt? Haaaaaaaaaaaax

Oh it wasn’t Galilea that carried us. It was Montana that brought us victory. I died more times than I killed.

Gearbox developer. Need I say more?

Not to be argumentative but theres alot more in the field of “development” then just game play, they could of been character devs, map devs, ect ect. Developers dont automatically mean game gods

Cheezuz crust mate that just went riiiiiiiiight over your head. I doubt you even looked up after it passed.