So next gen console players get to transfer their game for free ❤

I think thats huge in a industry full of greed.

Maybe this will bring the Splitscreen fixes everyones been wanting.

So despite other forums about dlc i can see reasons to stay loyal. Theyve been trying.

Tbh i hope they revamp bl3 in some kinda upgrade edition where… Planets feel alive monsters and other stuff are fighting random rare mobs that affect the area.

Remember spider ant queen? Bl2? As soon as you step into firestone bl1 bam bandits vs. Skaggs.
That exciting living world feeling… Also BIG ASS MONSTERS.

Man i miss the clusterfark that was that Bunk3r fight.
The pure randomness of borderlands. This ones too predictable. I hope a true true vault hunter comes out with extra boss mechanics, new ai behaviors and abilities for everything etc.