So, no Lore PvP challenge adjustments?

I distinctly remember developers saying that they will adjust some “lagging behind” challenges to be more “completable”, yet there is 0 mention of any lore challenge adjustments in the patch notes.

I should have abused old Galilea more, I guess. Now I’ll probably never kill any Ambra.


Not everything can be fixed or changed in one patch, mate. Patience.


Galilea still wrecks


The in mission challenges have certainly been adjusted… Leave the lore alone, I say. It adds to the grind, ties to historical artifacts unlocks, and allows you to appreciate it more.

Reducing the number of poor Ambra’s you need to slaughter can be easily done in one hotfix, not even patch.

The PvP Lore challenges are atrocity that ruins game experience for both teams and makes player pursue irrelevant for the current game objectives that hurt their team chances to win.


And not every single thing that can be fixed in a hotfix will be fixed in one single hotfix. They have a lot of stuff to do.

That entirely depends on each individual. For Thorn you need to do 20 AIRBORNE Volley Kills… that is not easy yet i’m slowly getting there NOT sacrificing my team’s chance to win. When I see my match history I see mostly wins (no kidding). If i get the lore challenge even by 1 I’m happy enough. So NOT everyone is that selfish

There are some people that… play games because they like the game’s gameplay, not because they have a checklist a mile long to complete.

I’d enjoy the game more if I could unlock my favorite character’s legendary item to play with… still 0/10 though. Super fun grind going on here… considering I’ve made zero progress for my effort…

Any more obvious statements that contribute nothing?

I did the Thorn challenge in about 5 games. It sounds hard on paper, but jumping and firing volleys is one of the best ways to play her, as it turned out (especially when you get that high jump helix upgrade). What makes it easy is that EVERY enemy you kill is eligible to progress the challenge. And its only 20 to kill that way.

Take Galilea and Whiskey Foxtrot. You need to last hit specific enemy hero to progress, 25 friggin times. I’m going to be at 200 hours played soon, all I got for this time is 15/25 on Galilea and 1/25(!) on Foxtrot. It’s pretty simple, in a game where I see my challenge victim, I either play to win the game and I’ll get 0 progress with like 80% change, or I hunt my target like crazy and throw away the game. It would be fine if it was “just” a challenge. BUT there is a CHARACTER SPECIFIC LEGENDARY ITEM locked behind that challenge.


I agree with you that the Lore challenges need adjusting - some of them are extremely un-entertaining luck based grinds. (Currently 7/25 Mike kills… After 13:38 playtime with WF. Compared to Ambra, with 2:55 whose Lore I’ll have completed after one story mission at this rate. And where’s my all Eldrid team at? Oh, it’s not coming? Well, shucks.)

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have patience. This is in no ways a top priority subject like bugs, glitches and exploits. The Lore Legendaries really aren’t that important, you’ll do just fine without them. You can already check the characters Lore from outside sources if you really want to. Other stuff you get from completing the lore are purely cosmetic.

Of course it would be great if they were adjusted right now, but GBX has stated that they are looking into it based on feedback and statistics, which they might need more time on.

I’m sorry, but Toby is my reason to support this change. He’s overpowered, yes. But his ultimate gets him killed half the time. It’s absolute garbage, and deals less than his basic. When it gets a buff, maybe I’ll change my mind. But I’ve played probably 50+ matches with him, winning roughly 75%, and I only have two. Out of ten double kills using his ult. I figured out how to cheese it, get one kill with it one without. But having to win with something weaker than a quick melee? Eh. It needs to be lowered or something. Maybe one Single triple kill.

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I feel you and I believe the epic loot packs satisfy that short term legendary love. Idk, the replayability they want in this game lends itself to having to play heroes alot to unlock their lore and gear. When you master a hero, you should feel competent and confident with them. I’d say the lore challenges go hand in hand with character ranks. I’ve been at least level 11 -12 before having lores complete. Plus, they’re obviously hearing your complaint having a week long double XP event

And nothings sweeter in your eyes than getting your lore challenges done with a win. Nah, I’d say play the game, play the heroes a handful of times before you start looking at challenges. Just creating the grind for yourselves

I kind of wish you could just do private pvp but that would make it way to easy.Honestly I dont think some of them need to be as long as they are right now

And I wouldn’t. I have plenty of Lore Challenges clear, and I am competent to say that those speicifc pvp lore challenges are stupid and toxic.

I agree the play 5 times with x,y,z quitters are toxic. But otherwise, I haven’t had an issue with them. The people that do that mularky are looking for reasons to quit anyways. I feel as though you’re referring to other challenges though: Which ones?

The challenges are in place for incentive to play, but have been transformed into validation for quits. Sad…

I’m talking about challenges that require you to kill a specific hero many times. 25 Ambras for Galilea, 25 Oscar Mikes for Whiskey Foxtrot.

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I’m disappointed, mostly because the Alani lore unlocks prove that GBX has learned nothing. One of her lore requirements? Kill Ambra 25 times. No joke.

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