So no new class mods anymore?

Since the last DLC didn’t had any more new class mods i was wondering if the next one will have any.

This is kinda sad to me but i would be fine with it if they would finally use those resources and spend it on actually fixing all the buggy COM´s in the game right now.

I wasn’t able to find anybody talking about it so i thought i could start the conversation on this matter here.

So what you guys thin k?
Is there any Class mods you would desire for any specific VH.
What class mods did you find the most useless.
And what is your favorite class mod in the game and why?


Rumor is we are going to see new skill trees. I’d imagine we’d see that before new class mods. Plus a new tree could potentially make a ton of class mods new again - Zane literally only has one viable class mod and Antifreeze is situational.

I am aware of that tho these new skilltrees are up in the clouds its nothing for granted.

Tho one thing we can talk about is class mods being bugged for the most part.

Saw a Forbes article on the new skill trees, didn’t want to link it since the writer said he got the info from someone data mining but they sounded interesting.

Yeah basically what the other guy told.
You guys are great tho I have this information since it appeared on Reddit 1 month ago!

I do not think there is any need to jump to any conclusions yet on class mods. Did BL2 get new class mods with every DLC added? I can understand the expectation of new class mods since we did get new ones in the first two DLCs, but not getting new class mods in the 3rd DLC does not mean anything.

Well you can’t compare those two games in a way how gear drops.
Class mods were bound to specific boss enemies same with customization items like heads and so on…

I did not make a comparison to BL2 so please lets stay topic related.

The point i want to make here is as described on op, are we fine with the fact most of the class mods are bugged if they should add new ones or stick with what we got and fix all the buggy interactions. Furthermore, if we like what we have got what’s our favorite Class mod and what’s the communities most hated one.

Tho so far nobody seems to give constructive feedback and most of you dont seem to read the op anyways.

With new skill trees we will need new mods to buff the new skills. Else the existing mods will need to be reworked to include skills from the new trees.


I agree if we get a new skill tree we need new coms to boost those trees.
Tho i dont think they will rework the old ones so the fit with the new trees but well see.

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I think they should go back and redo some of them first. I play Fl4k and Moze, and there are obvious class mods that are straight up never worth using.


there’s the one you can use pretty well with a rough rider “shield”

haven’t used it in a long time though so i don’t know how good it works now compared to seeing dead… (but then again… zane’s skills actualy suck with the rough rider. making seeing dead the only good option no matter what)

the one for zane where it gives you a realy low chance to refresh drone cooldown should just be made so zane has the drone active and he can use a grenade… that would make the damn thing actualy viable… i can’t think of any situation where you’d want to use that thing…