So no point in playing right now?!

According to other posts we may end up having to RETRANSFER our characters to fix the BAR and head/skins which will lose any progress we put into them on Handsome Collection.

Im wondering since the heads/skins and BAR are account wide dont we only need one character to “fix” this? Meaning I can put all the progress I want to in my main and just retransfer an alt once its fixed. Wouldnt this in essence fix all my transfered characters? Gearbox needs to give us more details now for all of us putting in time playing a game that we paid for. Im not going to go put in hours of playtime to have it all lost when they inevitably fix this.

Also cant you just give us BAR based on whats unlocked already? I have 0 BAR but all the progress is still there for everything.

That sounds like a reasonable assumption, but check your chars inventory I bet you have lost many many items… When i get home form work today I will be posting a youtube vid of whats missing on just one of my chars.

You are missing inventory items?

I think I am missing a weapon or two as well. My Butcher doesn’t seem to be in my Siren’s backpack. But I may have just missed it when I was scrolling through everything.

Nevermind…it’s not missing only from the Xbox One. It’s also missing from my 360 save, which is even more weird. I never would have gotten rid of the Butcher.

It’s not in your shared stash, preventing it from transferring, is it?

Nope, the only thing in my Stash is a level 22 Moxxi’s Good Touch. And the only character I would have the Butcher on is my Siren because the butcher is OP1 and the SIren is the only character that I have overleveled. I checked all of my other characters for it anyway though.

As far as I can tell, the Butcher seems to be the only weapon I am missing. I haven’t played BL2 for over a year though, so it’s entirely possible that I dropped it or something. Although I can’t imagine why I would do that, I love that gun.

Hi guys, please see @jeffybug’s post below:

Yes missing every sandhawk… Had perfect every flavour. And my nor fleet does crap for damage for some reason.

Any word on the possibility of missing items or weapons?

No word yet, but as soon as there is, we’ll pass it on immediately. Thanks for your patience!