So nobobdy made a post yet but I will. Where is the new dlc for story?

Wasn’t it supposed to be released with Alani or am I mistaken?? Being a deluxe edition holder not getting the new dlc on release kind of sucks I wanted to play Alani on it since I wont get her in pvp. It was bad enough they did the 20$ to all of us dedicated fans. If I was mistaken when are we getting story number 9 should be soon since you know we just had a patch and Alani came out today for season pass holders.

You’re mistaken. The 5 free heroes are separate from the DLC.

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Could have sworn the characters would be released with a story dlc that’s the entire point of the season pass is the story missions since the new characters are free. If not then any idea when will get are dlc?

No, it was announced that no characters would require a payment to access a long time ago.

The extra missions were billed as being the DLC.

It was announced, however, that the season pass would give you instant access to the characters, which is how unlock keys work.

They haven’t announced the DLC release dates yet.

If it was to be released with Alani, then we’ll be able to use it when Alani officially comes out. We are currently in early access. Not a good idea to fracture the community because season pass holders get maps a week early.

I more curious about the new PvP maps and modes. What have they got planned?

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Only season pass holders will get the maps, anyway.

But yeah, Alani will officially come out for everyone on the 31st, along with the first DLC pack, If I remember correctly. (Don’t quote me on that DLC pack release date, tho. Might have just been Alani)

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Don’t confuse PvE maps with PvP maps. Season pass has nothing to do with PvP maps

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“A badass community deserves killer support. Free heroes and competitive maps and modes are in the works!”

The PvP maps will be free. Story most likely not.

I know that the PvP maps will be free. I was talking about the DLC maps.

While I appreciate Gearbox making free maps (so oldschool) I kinda hate it that its for PVP only. How fair is that?
One might argue that these maps are being paid for by season pass holders. If you are only in for the PVP why would you need a season pass?

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Because PvP is the mode that requires the most balance, and charging for multiplayer maps/modes of any kind would cause an imbalance for players. Story content is purely optional content, as is all the content on the season pass


Very well said @ArmoredElder . There is a dream of this game becoming an esport. By introducing a paywall/not making PvP content free, you split your community and disturb the already difficult task of fixing the game where needed (Marquis cheesing) and balancing. A season pass puts money up front, which allows them to create content promised to season pass holders.

That being said, I see lots of gold podiums when playing. I’d love to know what percentage of the community owns a season pass or bought the DD, maybe even split it by platform. I’d also like to know the community size/sales on each platform. I doubt we’ll see those numbers anytime soon though.

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Really the only PvP related content, if anything, are the incoming skins and taunts for characters

This gold podium sometimes but rarely can be seen in PVP too. Doesn’t mean I would be hurt if there wasn’t any PVP.

Season pass holders get them early no we get the dlc cause that’s what the season pass was the story mission are only for seaspn pass holders. Idc for the other game modes I just wanted a new story mission.

Because the PvE maps have voice acting, lots of it, they are much larger, more involved development and testing, etc…

A PvP map is pretty straightforward in comparison.

Digital Deluxe Edition includes:

Battleborn the game
Season Pass with all five DLC packs and instant access to heroes 26-30 upon their release
Taunts for Oscar Mike, Miko, Caldarius, Phoebe, and Orendi
“Cyber” character skin for Oscar Mike, Miko, Caldarius, Phoebe, and Orendi
3 Legendary Gear packs
Golden pedestal during character select
Golden Battleborn logo on title screen

The five DLC packs are separate entities from the release of heroes 26-30.

Yet nobody calls for nerfs in PVE and anyone whiny about it being too difficult can be told to play on normal.

I pre ordered the digital deluxe edition. I get where you’re coming from, but at the same time I’d rather think of my purchase as supporting the game as a whole. The last thing this game needs is a reason to drive a wedge between the pvp and pve players, yeah?

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But that’s the point of season pass its unfair for people who didn’t pay for a season pass to get content promised to season pass holders. That would be ripping them off big time and would cause so many problems.