So now that Borderlands Game of the Year Edition is out, can we use a save file from there to unlock the Vault Veteran skins on Handsome Collection?

I’m obviously talking about consoles, since The Handsome Collection wasn’t released as a bundle on PC.

Edit: Apparently there is a Handsome Collection bundle on Steam, but it’d still be a non-issue there since it’s just the original releases rather than new ports. I think? D:

I don’t know what to do for consoles, but for PC:

Have a Borderlands 1 save (either your own or download one online),
Go into File Explorer: My Documents > My Games
Create a new folder named “Borderlands”
In that “Borderlands” folder, create a new folder named “SaveData”
In that “SaveData” folder, paste in the Borderlands 1 save

Then on the main menu in Borderlands 2,
go to Extras
Select “Player Loyalty Rewards” (or the option close to that name, couldn’t remember what the exact name was)

It will scan for a save in that file path of My Documents/My Games/Borderlands/SaveData

If done correctly, a message saying that a Borderlands 1 save was detected

(this info is not my own, i got it from this Youtube comment:

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