So, now that that loadout loading bug is fixed

Will we be seeing any more Loadout slots? @Jythri

I’d love one, or even two, for every character.
It would be even better now as all the queues are merged. I can’t prepare ahead of time for Meltdown, Capture, Incursion, which can all benefit from different loadouts.

At minimum I want 30 loadouts, one for every character. I would prefer, however, a special loadout for every character (that only displays if you have that character locked in), plus 15 “generic” or “experimental” loadouts that you could choose from in addition. That way, you get at least one loadout for every character, and a place to put your free melee Capture loadout, and your free non-healer Capture loadout, and your max DPS loadout, etc.

Also gotta have more bank pages. I’m sitting at 364/279 because I am full of items I actually want to keep and have been accumulating a backlog of stuff from the DLC.


I understand the appeal for wanting a loadout for each character, but how often is it that you are going to cycle through all 28 Battleborn in a given play session? Let’s just go ahead and bump it to 30, since when everything is said and done, that’s what we’ll end with. You are asking for upwards of 60 separate loadouts? I would think that 30 would be a little overboard in itself.

I’m fine with them the way they are. Most of my loadouts are for characters that I plan on playing until lore/rank gets maxed, then I’ll go back through and make the ones I plan on keeping. Make yourself a couple generic loadouts if managing it becomes too tedious. It’s what I’ve done in the past and it generally worked out pretty well.

:astonished: Dear God, why?! Not all gear is created equal. I had that problem at one time, until I realized shards are plentiful and got rid of a hell of a lot of greens and whites. Then I started to see blues as too situational, so those got sold too. I now consider myself living a life of luxury with all these epics and legendaries!

Because a cheap loadout is so much more valuable than an expensive one. While you’re sitting at level 3, I already have my ult. I’ve gotten to level 10 before people even get their ult, and been supplying constant lane pressure with big bots and turrets the entire time. It’s hilarious how some people brush off cheap or flawed gear. Anything that doesn’t have a flaw that applies to everyone (e.g. recoil, heal power, shield, skill damage) and doesn’t have a terrible conditional, I keep, because I might use it. I have 102 legendaries and almost every epic that doesn’t have a bad flaw, which by itself takes up 3/4 of my gear slots.

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Not in a given play session, but I’d still like if I didn’t have to keep switching them around if I wanted to make a tailored loadout for one character. And I mean, I’ve already got 13 Generic Loadouts…
And I pick the characters I think my team needs - Tank, support, healer, assassin, sniper, melee, ranged, CC…

I have been able to play with just generic loadouts, but they added gear into the game so that you can customize the characters. So that you can make builds for these characters, matching loadouts and helix choices for the most effective result. I think it’s an absolute waste of a character customization system to limit loadouts like this.

And additionally, shard economy varies in modes and maps. Like, a lot. The person who has the middle turret controls Overgrowth. Monuments doesn’t have much to build at all. In Meltdown you need to keep your Thumpers up all the time, in capture there just aren’t that many shards. So that’s why additional loadouts beyond the 30 would be useful, since you can’t even pick what mode to queue for anymore.
(Except Face-Off)


I’ll agree that people have gotten level 5 while I’m at 3, but not once have I seen someone get to level 10 without everyone else on the board having their ult. Also, by level 5, I’ve already gotten enough shards to activate two pieces of gear and really bringing down the heat on the other team. It allows me to close the level gap fairly quick when I’m able to kill faster, both npcs and pcs. I usually always play solo, so I’m quite aggressive with shard collection and minion kills.

Maybe it’s different for you, and it works. But what I am able to do also works. I’m not trying to knock your style or call you a liar, please don’t look at it that way. But maybe there is a technical reason why they are not able to increase our loadouts, or maybe they want us to be a little more strategic in our loadout/gear choices and not let us have everything we come across or an answer for every situation.

You may find my playstyle hilarious, but I could say the same. If you got good flawed gear, great! I personally haven’t found any worthwhile that meshes well with who I’m working with, which is why I chose to do what I did.

There was a technical reason they were unable to increase the number of loadouts. That reason was fixed yesterday.

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I thought they only fixed the load times caused by having too many loadouts? I don’t remember anything mentioned about being able to open the gates for more loadouts. If they have, then I’m certain they are already working on updating that interface, but I wouldn’t expect anything until the next update, which will happen when Kid Ultra gets released.

I’ve been level 10 when others are level 4. It is… enjoyable. Late game character? I scoff at them.

Each loadout increased time by about a second due to a bug. That bug is removed. You can now have many more without the same drastic second effect

They might not need a full update to increase loadout spaces though. I don’t remember if they had one when they last added more.
And I’m just asking that if they will add more, since they now can!

And, If you don’t want additional loadouts, just… don’t use them?

Agreed, but for now, its something that you’re going to have to plan for in advance depending on what you are wanting to play, which I’m sure is intended. Just like with you strategizing and picking players based on team comp, you need to go in with that mindset with gear also. Again, it could change, but for now they want you making conscious decisions on gear going into each game mode.

You make valid points on Meltdown, but having the enemy team build the shock turret in Overgrowth is not a death sentence. For Overgrowth, if the enemy keeps building the shock turret, you can essentially starve their other players of shards by continually knocking it down if your team is aware enough to target it down, and that goes for all buildables. It gives good xp for building, but that alone won’t outpace a match between players. Minion and PK’s are more juicy in that department, buildables being more of a buffer. My favorite thing to do against a build heavy player is to force him into continually wasting shards while my team works on our own buildables or gear. For capture, I don’t know if its because I just don’t play it enough, but I never been with a build heavy squad. We’ve always just roamed, getting points and killing players, and its always been efficient enough.

I meant that capture doesn’t have many shards at all, so rolling with a bunch of legendaries or epics is not a good idea. And it usually doesn’t last very long, either.

And I prefer the strategy in making builds for characters instead of hoping and praying that people will pick Meltdown over Incursion because my loadout is geared towards that.

But as it is, I can’t make specialized loadouts because there aren’t enough loadout slots, which leaves me with generic ones that fit most. Which makes having gear… a nifty add-on with no particular impact. Why even add such a system if you won’t let players get the most of it?

It’s not as bad if you main just a few characters but I play as everyone depending on mood.

Awwww, c’mon now, don’t be like that. Just having a friendly debate, not trying to attack anybody here. I would totally use the extra loadouts, and if they can make it happen I would enjoy it. Its been asked for for quite a while, so I’m sure its on their radar. All I’m saying is until they can apply them (if that is the plan), treat it like part of the meta of this game. Its all about strategy, and going in with a plan. Someday I’d like to think we can have 30 loadouts and I can just pick random at every character select and have a grand time.

This stuff only happens in capture mode or when you are playing vs lvl 2-10 players team.

I mostly (with several exceptions) run 2 legendaries and a shard generator (pvp). Most of the time I have either equal lvl compared to others or even higher + my gear is superior to those who only run white/green/blue stuff. And when their tactics of quick leveling fails and the match drags out, those who have more expensive gear have the upper hand most of the time.

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Assuming that it doesn’t negatively impact the game due to memory issues, then there should be no reason not to then. In plenty of other games I play, when it comes to inventory and loadouts, it always seems as the more you have, the longer it takes the game to draw it up. I’m not a programmer, so I don’t know if its because of the type of engine they are running or not, but I can see it as a reason for why they choose not to.

My favorite thing to do against a build heavy player is to force him into continually wasting shards

This is playing directly into his hand. Whenever I’m Orendi on Outskirts, I hate it when enemies ignore my shock turret. I want them to destroy it as fast as possible so that I can put another one down. You severely underestimate how much XP shock turrets give you. Just building the back turret on Overgrowth (already at stage 2) is enough to instantly put you at level 2. Character kills don’t even begin to compare until the enemy hits level 4, and that’s assuming you are only getting solo kills. Even a single assister on your kills and the enemy has to be level 6 to compare. For some characters, it won’t matter much. But for characters like Thorn, or Orendi, or Benedict, or Phoebe, who have explosions of power around level 5, being level 5 while the competition is level 3 means you can start racking up kills at an alarming pace. Once you get your power spike, you don’t have to worry about buildables any more. You’re already at a huge advantage over your enemies, since your helixes/ult are worth much more than whatever gear your opponent might have active.

From what I’ve seen, when you can rake in kills by being lucky, slice up minions and spare buildables, it happens often. And I’m speaking Incursion and Meltdown here, Capture is an anomaly

Yeah, now that it’s fixed they plan to add more. And I hear it wasn’t as much of a memory thing, because it’s a small amount of info, but it most likely was some kind of wall it kept on hitting

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