So obviously my mind sweeper become useless

So i try to fix my build by switching around equipment but it didnt work out for me

So rn im thinking about shield tank build without involving bloodletter , is there anyone tried that and having success doing so?

Some people have reported the mind sweeper healing them with Vampyr. It must have been a recent change because it wasn’t doing that before, but I saw video of it.

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Yup! It was me! I run a Mind Sweeper, Hellfire, ShockSploder and Black Hole contact grenade. It’s ridiculous.

Sadly, Wtf shield charges do not proc Vampyr.

That irrelevant , fuse time too long to be reliable heal

Huh im trying to simply spec into shield tree with big boom blaster , problem with the build is that shield build is basically kill skill build , wont work on boss but it does out perform face tank in term of damage

You can get a BBB to 20k shield health between 3/3 Thin Red Line and a deathless relic.

Mind Sweeper with a Cloning Ghast Call grenade and an anointment that gives you 50% extra damage as cryo while terrified. That extra cryo damage also applies to your Ghast Call, as well as the micro grenades dropped by your class mod. Very effective.

Still havent seen ghast call , but i already have 3 fearmonger and a stalker . But this is out of topic