So... Omnd-Omnd-Ohk and his Loot Pool (especially the Twister)

Today I was playing with Gaige, having fun with a Wired Catalyst class mod I found, and decided to farm for the Twister. I used the Dexiduous method (put eridium on the furnaces, pull the lever, reach the Badass Savages/Ultimate Badass Witch Doctors and let the Savages level up. If they stop leveling up, leave the area and return to respawn them). It took me over one and a half hour to get the Triple-O to spawn. I got all happy and stuff, killed him and… Nothing? I saw a blue Jakobs shotgun with Torgue barrel dropping, and when I got to it, my hopes were crushed. It was just a Quad. The worst part is that he didn’t drop anything unique. No Hawk Eye nor Interfacer.
I searched for similar topics before creating this one, but everything related to the OOO was mostly about how to farm him.
I’m here because this got me intrigued. This is the first time I see him not dropping anything. Did I just get very unlucky? Are his drops guaranteed like Raid Bosses?

(The loot didn’t fall through the floor, I watched the “mini-lootsplosion” carefully)

Someone will know about this.

…but I thought that Voracidous was the only one to drop these. The Twister however, should be a guaranteed drop. It’s bad enough getting OOO to spawn so if he doesn’t drop it then it’s pretty tough.

Unfortunately the wiki states that OOO drops these, and like most wiki pages it’s probably wrong and out of date.

It’s not a guaranteed drop unfortunately. But I have heard he drops the Interfacer (and presumably the Hawk Eye too). I think there’s a fairly good chance of him dropping it though?

Words not often spoken on Pandora.


He has a high, but not guaranteed, chance to drop a Twister. I’m not sure about the other two weapons.

But you must have farmed him so much to get your Twisters Gulf :smirk:

Ooo can’t drop the other you mentioned, they are dropped by Vora only.

As for the Twister, it’s as Gulf said: it has about the same drop rate as the Rough Rider (maybe 40%? …Roughly)

I seem to remember @xmngr saying he got an Interfacer from OOO?


Interfacer and Lead Storm

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I can’t decide whether I hate Vora or OOO more

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When? Was it after the loot changes (the vendor used to sell the Interfacer, then it got moved to Vora)

I’d rather step in the ring with Vora and his Dad than go toe to toe with a Heavy Nomad dual wielding Topneaa’s!!

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I got an interfacer from him a few days ago while playing with two friends. Maybe it was added to his loot pool at some point.

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Well that is interesting. I may have to try and capture this :grin:

That’s the first I have heard of this. Are all these drops post-loot hunt ?

Way after loot changes

Loot Hunt.



Yes. Loot Hunt. Not my fault you missed out. :dukejk:


It was so much fun. I want another one badly.


Yeah. Would be nice if we could have another one or even one for BB and/or TPS. BL 3 might have one though.