So, on an Event Day, on a Friday night, I'm still queing for over an Hour

I only need to win a game on Temples to finish up the Achievement : Tour of Duty
That’s it.
Win one game.
One Map.

Yet, I CANNOT get a capture match to start at all.
On a Summer Friday Night, during gaming primetime (7-10pm) during an Event…

I’ve been in queue for over an hour now.
I DID have a team at one point, but never matched with an enemy team for over 5 mins so people left.
I then requeued to hopefully reset this disaster… still nothing.

This achievement is proving to be impossible due to things out of my control… T_T

ah, the struggles. Took me about ~1hr to get both Capture maps out of the way. 20+min queue for each map 10+ min for the actual game.

It was awful.

[quote=“sasuga, post:1, topic:1543234, full:true”]This achievement is proving to be impossible due to things out of my control… T_T

You may want to look into getting into the unofficial Battleborn Discord serve. You can generally find groups for all platforms willing to get together for those lore challenges (and other stuffs, too).

I believe there’s been at least one occasion where 2 full 5 person PvP teams have come together to get the Capture maps for Kleese done pretty much immediately.

finally got a match, sadly Snowblind was overwhelmingly chosen even after i asked in chat for temples
we won, but i basically just wasted an hour and a half

another 30 mins, and nothing
i’m even using discord server now, nobody is playing capture…

so in summary, I have wasted almost 3 hours to play just one match of capture…

Man I know. I’ve been trying to get a group together and finish challenges but no luck.