So... Oscar Mike and Wiskey Foxtrot are fishes?

What the title said, I notice Foxtrot has gills… and Oscar’s concept art shows him with a Mohawk and fish cheeks (and also gills)

See? They are fish people clones!

Petition for Gearbox to have a helmless Oscar Mike!

…also for Benedict to throw fish puns at them…


I don’t understand this but I like it.


WOAH! I’ve never seen this concept art. This is so cool.
I’ve always wondered how Mike looks like under the helmet, now I wish I would have never found out! :smiley:


Lots of amphibian species have gill slits also. So they may be frogs or perhaps newts as well.

Perhaps a future upgrade to WF would be a buff to health for laying perfectly still on a warm rock for 20 minutes.


Looking at Foxtrots face, I doubt that Mike looks like that in the final game. These are just concepts, after all.

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Foxtrot is older than Oscar and has been exposed to the elements much longer so his face looks much more dried out


Well, except for the gills on his neck… and the fact that everything else about his face looks pretty much like the concept art for OM… and the fact that he’s clearly not human… and that everything else about the concept art for OM is perfectly on-point for what’s in the game…

so, I’m gonna go ahead and disagree, they’re clearly fish-people-clones.



Those aren’t gills… They are scars.

And Foxtrot looks nothing like that face.


Same opinion here @V0LUM3 - WF is a rejected clone from a failure clone line anyway, so its possible there are differences betwenn OM & WF.
Also WF is a Rogue, so he has not to care for clipping fingernails lol

We had the thoght that the gills maybe genetical engineered, for better survivalbility in foreign atmospheres.
But its possible their race has them in general. Maybe they´re native to swampland, and waited for bait hidden in the water^^

I had to think of Captain Arlong from OnePiece the whole time, so yeah fishpeople!
Anybody had the same thought?


Nyahh thought so first too, but the “scars” on his neck are far to symmetrical on both sides. So either he got chooked by a Thrall who wanted to do an artists job on WF or he has gills.

Also gills don´t need to mean he´s a fish or waterborne in general.
In Babylon5 Lyta had gills for breathing alien athmospheres. These gills were artificially engineered.
I think its the same here. They are ment to be hardcore soldiers, to survive whatever planet you drop them. So gills for foreign athmospheres would be a huge asset.

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… they’re perfectly symmetrical, identical on both sides, spaced the same, with the same contour…

Clearly they’re not scars. Nobody in the history of anything has scars like that…

Other than the nose, he looks a lot like that face… but it’s okay, you can keep imagining he’s like human or something??? Not sure what you’re arguing for here…


He has a gesture where he cuts his throat and he has killer regen. He cuts his own neck for fun and that is where the scars are from. They are not gills.

All you need is a little understanding of the character. He’s a crazy freak and those are definitely scars. They look way more like scars than like gills. Gills are not discolored lines on the neck. Gills are open slits, and they generally have hairs on them, AND they stick out. Gills are like flaps of skin sticking off the neck, over lapping. These are simply discolored strips of flesh due to scar tissue.

It is possible he got slapped by a thrall on each side of his neck, but no, I say he did those to himself. He’s always slitting his own throat for funsies.

Lol, you want them to be gills so badly.

Look at his face. His mouth is higher up and way more broad. His face looks nothing like a fish or like the concept art. I’ve always assumed that the sharp teeth were part of the defection, and that OM does not have sharp teeth, but idk.

He has a human shaped head. I know he isn’t human, they’re all aliens. But he is not amphibean. Those are not gills, they look nothing like gills.

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I love that taunt btw :slight_smile:
I definately see where you´re coming from and YES it would fit to him if it were scars, definately true!

Mhhh, gills have many looks, can´t compare an axolotl with a trout.
My guess is the artistic style of the game is fault that these slits don´t look like natural gills. Thats why I brought up OnePiece and Arlong earlier, the style/way gills were shown is very similar.

Better idea than fighting over this -
@ScrubEraser can you enlighten us in that regard? Are those gills or scars???

Symmetry is just as poor of an excuse as my explanation that they do not look like gills.

Artistic freedom allows for symmetric scars. Artistic freedom allows for many strange looking scars and many interesting designs. The ONLY supportive evidence you have for the idea that they are gills is the concept art of a different character that may or may not be credible or relevant.

My evidence may be limited, too, but symmetry alone is not enough to discount the scar-theory.

??? They look a lot more like gills than they do scars. Unless they’re scars from the cloning process.

And based on the height of his mouth you’re determining his race? Lol, not based off of the creator’s concept art, or the giant things on his neck that look like gills?

Lol, off of the height where they animated his mouth? Lol, according to that logic then clearly Reyna can’t be human, her mouth is lower than Rath and Montana’s!

I’ve been wondering what they were for a while, because they’re clearly NOT scars, this just finally makes them make sense.

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They look nothing like gills, and they look a lot like scars.

What makes them not look like scars? They are a darker shade of his skin. They are in a line, like the shape of a scar made from cutting.

Gills don’t even go there. Gills go behind the ears. If a humanoid had gills, they would not be on the front of his neck. These are slit marks. Cut marks. Scars. They are on him to make him look menacing and weird and to make you ask where they came from. Having scars on your neck is a huge red flag and WF is the red flag character by nature.

Noo, actually I thought about those as gills far before I saw OMs concept here. And I guess they changed details on his face, its just a concept-art anyway, no ready model.

As artist myself I completely agree that it COULd be symmetrical scars, love that and painted many chars with such features too :wink:

So far I say we have equal good arguments, thats why I try to summon a GBX character designer for clarification - thats you, @ScrubEraser :heart:

Check out under his pectoral muscle. He has more scars. He is littered with scars.

Unless those are gills, too, idk why there would be gills on his abdomen.

I like the idea of asking the character designer… unless, of course, he says gills. lol


See Alani, though. She has gills right where Idk why you would have them there. And those actually look like gills. Flaps of skin that overlap each other. Not lines on the body.

She also has gills on her neck. And, again, they pop out like gills. She is a water character. She is amphibean, WF is not.

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