So people complaining about Eridium

So you guys may have come across this insanely popular article floating around… all over the internet.

TL;DR basically they think Eridium is a joke cause it doesn’t serve much of a purpose.

So Eiridum in BD2 basically was for upgrading storage and ammo. Also to spawn bosses and whatnot. That’s it, it didn’t give you guns except for slot machines I guess. I don’t know if people are new here, if so Hi new people! But you see… Eridium is not like an in game currency that gives you amazing gear. Like some of the other games do. Where maybe you can even buy with your real money so you don’t even have to play the game! Fun?

But I think the purpose behind it mainly supposed to be cosmetics and is not supposed to be the best way of getting good stuff cause you could do that by… wait for it… actually playing the game? Cool idea right? You get good gear by playing the game. This is just a different currency you collect to get cosmetics and Earl’s shop which those guns are useful while leveling up but not end game. If the best gear in the game came from pulling a lever, that would be the most boring Borderlands game ever. If you want to put yourself through that in the chance you do get something good, that’s on you lol.

I know it’s weird not having to whip out your credit card to get good stuff in a video game you’ve already paid for. But this is 2K we’re talking about, if you haven’t played NBA2K thank your lucky stars they didn’t attempt that cause they tend to go overboard with microtransactions when they add them.

I just don’t understand the problem? I was kind of happy the best guns are from drops and not shops. That’s kinda why I didn’t like TPS, you have no idea how long it took for us to find all those different grinding options to get gear so we could create a chart for the Grinder guide and Borderlands Fandom wiki. I hated it. Took an entire TEAM of people. Optimization and bug fixes should be more of a priority than finding a way to make a currency give better stuff than drops. Think about it, if you could do a crazy farming route to get Eridium in single player and get the best gear in the game from it. Who would want to join multiplayer dungeons or proving grounds? Am I the only one that’s fine with Eiridium?


Sorry if this came across as condescending… I did a cosplay as Handsome Jack and in the process of trying to nail his voice and way he talks it kinda stuck with me ever since :sweat_smile:


It didn’t come off as condescending so don’t worry about that.

It did however come off as nonsense.

Seriously, they’ve had 7 years to give us something worthwhile to do with eridium.

In 3 there’s just the same amount to do with it as there was in 2, the best thing we got was the auto pick up, which I’m fairly certain they just nicked from the Ultimate fan-made patch for 2.

Actually think about it for a second, we could have used eridium as a re-rolling currency for Anointed gear (500 a spin), we could have used it as a way to amp up our Proving Grounds to provide better challenge and reward, we could also use it as the price for redistributing Guardian Ranks if you want to try a different set up or if you gimp yourself as a Melee Amara, etc

The sky was the limit with 3 but they f*cked it up.


I think if Borderlands 3 gets a 0.01% drop rate increase Kotaku will sh*t something out.They are that bad to read.


There’s about a dozen other problems I would think should come before giving Eridium more stuff to do with. But you’re right it is probably nonsense since they’ll most likely add something in DLC to do with it, and not the other dozen of issues that would be slightly more important. Just sayin.


In future when they have the time they should implement the ability to reroll gear and make us pay with Eridium. Players eventually will have bought all the cosmetics after which Eridium becomes completely useless and we’ll all be running around with maxed out stacks.


Be careful what you wish for friend. You want to know what happened when they called Masterwork cores a pointless item in Destiny 2? They took the ability to upgrade guns to higher lightlevels which you could do with legendary shards easily and pain free, then forced them into that mechanic making it nearly impossible to upgrade your large cache of weapons/gear. And all your different setups for all the different situations you’d need them, which some required that gear, forced everyone to add another thing to the list of stuff they had to do tedious amounts of farming for. It’s the reason I quit playing.

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Only those who never understood the full mechanics of the game or had no patience had trouble with this. Also we could masterwork them, never could use them to raise light level. And shards are easily obtained, I still have over 16K shards, and some of my friends have more than double. (And yes we use them) did you even play the game?

The reason it continued to have use in BL2 is because we constantly farmed raid bosses which always took a fair amount of eridium to fight each time. So at least we were regularly using it.

I’ve bought all the cosmetics in the game and a few annointeds from the machine up till lvl 50 where the machine becomes worthless since you only want annointed legendaries at that point, which you can’t get from the machine.
Now I have over 8,000 eridium and literally NEVER use it for anything.

At least in BL2 there was a regular end game use. Hopefully they’ll make you use large amounts of eridium to fight raid bosses when the DLC comes because otherwise these articles are spot on when they state how worthless it is.


Most of us don’t want to buy good guns with Eridium. That still doesn’t change the fact that it’s useless. There’s nothing to do with it at all once you have all the cosmetics. Contrast that to BL2 were Eridium was used to fight raid bosses. Vanilla BL2 has a raid boss, that we used Eirdium to fight it. Where the hell is BL3 raid boss? WTF. Really. Why is one of the most important aspects of BL end game farming not in vanilla BL3? Also, everyone who’s played a looter with global drops knows how important rerolling mechanics are. Why isn’t that in? We could use Eridium and money for that. There’s lots they could have done here, things that experienced developers should know to do at this point in gaming.

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Earl has some great guns for sale. I guess people think if it ain’t a legendary it isn’t good.

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The level of drama expressed by gamers over everything makes me think something else is going on. Some people might call it “passion” but it seems more like they have a screw loose.

I guess this is their “lifestyle game”? It becomes their whipping boy/game/developer and takes the brunt of their emotions.

I guess it’s like being in a relationship you aren’t happy with, but you have nowhere else to go so you chain yourself to them. When they leave in the morning you complain about how they don’t make toast for you, and when they come home 8 hours later you make ■■■■■■ comments about their weight. You constantly remind them how they aren’t good enough, everything is their fault.

I understand this is a game made for entertainment, and if I’m not entertained I cut my losses and move on. There are things about this game (and this entire genre) that bug me, but nothing is egregious enough to make me invent conspiracy theories or call everyone incompetent, and certainly not enough to make me stick around for months or years just to talk ■■■■.

What was the topic? Eridium? Yes we could have more stuff to do with Eridium (or money or useless white/green items, or ammo packs/health vials cluttering the floor, etc.), but what’s wrong with simplicity and straightforwardness? And to the point, how do you know we won’t have more things to spend it on with upcoming DLCs? Maybe more communication and less bitching would be a good idea.

Developers have a plan, it won’t always be your plan.

You give purple rocks to a crazy old man and he gives you a reasonably clean pair of pants. It’s fine. For now.


Oh, much of this is the usual gamer outrage culture.

Not news to anyone, really. In 2k19 everything is the end of the world as far as gamers concerned.

It’s like a modern boy who cried wolf thing. At some point, I just consider it to be a pointless noise, because sky is falling constantly over anything imaginable.


I like this event. I work, play as much as i can. So i dont have tons of eridium, in fact the last gun i bought from earl left me with only around 100e. Not eveyone has farmed bosses and got tons of it and bank full of legs. I love the game, cant wait for more dlc and to see the game bloom. Im glad they are balancing characters and weapons. Bl2 was great but there is no denieing that a handfull of guns vastly outperformed the others.


I take it you didn’t play Foresaken? Shards weren’t the problem that was the normal mechanic. It was easy to get them and you could freely upgrade guns without problems. In Foresaken they added Masterwork Cores to the cost of upgrading lightlevels on top of shards, way too many were required and not enough places to get them except from destroying loot.

They eventually added a way to get them, which also required more farming.

Other than being a completionist, does anyone actually WANT all the cosmetics? Boggles my mind (guess that means I’m not a completionist).

Never did that.

Most people think only guns YouTubers tell them to use are good. Hence the nerf pouting. I check that vending machine every time i go to sanctuary. People just love to complain. I save all my complaining for mayhem mode and Tannis’s ugly nose. You know, important stuff.


I’ve played forsaken and have about 3000 hours in Destiny 2, Masterwork cores are also no problem if you’re patient and know what you do. You could go daily to Spider, and you could sell plenty of gear. I have 6 fully masterworked sets and plenty of masterworked weapons and still over 300 cores in stock (and never bought them from spider so could have had much more)

I’m confused you said you could never use them to upgrade lightlevels. But anyways yeah it was a mechanic that was implemented from the start that was unchanged… till Foresaken. That change didn’t make sense from a story and an economic stand point. And if you had a bunch of different setups for gear and weapons for certain raids plus your favorite setup for solo, you would have had to a ton, TON of farming to get them. And no the masterwork dailies weren’t added till we had complained enough about changing it back. Destiny 2 was a cluster **** of bad ideas anyways but this is a loot and shoot. You must shoot to loot. Not a shop and loot. They’ll probably add some boss raids that require you to pay Eridium like BL2 which I think would be fine.

Yeah that’s another priority I would want them to add, raid bosses.