So pick one fav from each Faction

Eldrid: Miko or Kelvin.
LLC: probably El Dragon
Jennerit: Deande
Peacekeepers: Ghalt or Galilea
Rogues: Shayne & Aurox

But really, execpt Boldur and Attikus, I’m in love with each one of the characters in Battleborn! :smiley:

Peacekeeper Benedict. I was on fire with that bird during the CTT!

Eldrid Miko. As a long-time Medic player from TF2, I love this character. Unlike the TF2 Medic, Miko can deal out punishment as well as heal it.

Jennerit Caldarius. High-mobility close-mid range fighter with cc. Need I say more?

LLC Kleese. I’m a huge fan of the supports, and Kleese seems like a very interesting one. That ultimate ability will be key for setting up big kills during team fights.

Rogue Orendi. She is fast, deadly, and deals a ton of AOE damage. Good for team fights or clearing minion waves.

I haven’t played the game but so far


Eldrid: Mellka i guess (my least fav faction)
Jennerit: Rath
LLC: Kleese
Peacekeepers: Benedict/Galilea/Oscar Mike
Rogue: TOBY !!! Because Adorable :wink:


Jennerit: Rath
Eldrid: Thorn
LLC: Phoebe
Peacekeepers: Galilea
Rogue: Reyna

Jennerit: Rath
Eldrid: Miko
LLC: Phoebe
Peacekeepers: Benedict
Rogue: Toby

Jennerit: Orendi
Eldrid: Orendi
LLC: Orendi
Peacekeepers: Orendi
Rogue: Whiskey Foxtrot

Cause thats how Orendi players do


Rogues: Shayne
Eldrid: Mellka
LLC: Phoebe
Peacekeepers: Galilea
Jennerit: Ambra

Oscar Mike


LLC- Marquis
UPR- Oscar Mike (that wave clear tho)
Rogue- Orendi (skills for days)
Eldird- Miko
Jennerit - Caldarius (least favorite faction playstyle wise)

Marquis, Reyna, Oscar, Thorn…and I’ve just realised that I haven’t really played any of the Jennerit much.

So after playing the Beta I am now at:

Eldrid: Main Mellka, sub Miko, looking forward to trying out Alani

-Mellka : My main character / just needed 1 more game with the “papa shotguns” to 100% her in the beta.
-Miko : More fun than I thought it was going to be in PvP but I had an ishue with my team mates running out of my range
-Thorn : The issue with her bow covering the screen still bothers me, and the bows charge and release feels wonkie to me, not going to play once the game comes out
-Kelvin : played once, didn’t really like him till after I leveled up past 4 and got multiple self heals going, then I wrecked with him so not sure where I stand with him…
-Boulder : didn’t test in the Beta

LLC: Marquis or Phoebe

-Marquis : 100%ed him in the beta
-Phoebe : Got her to to around 7 or 8 in the beta, she’s alright.
-El Dragon : Played once didn’t like him
-Kleese : Played once was really weird.
-Isic : Didn’t test in the beta

Peace Keepers : Not Sure who takes the cake, I like everyone but Benedict from this faction

-Galilea is about what I expected, needed 4 more kills on Ambra to 100% her in the Beta
-Montana was alot more fun than I thought he was going to be, got him to around 5-6 ish
-Oscar Mike : Played once liked him, would like to play him more but hes a popular character
-Benedict : Played once, flying was kinda cool but it is like meh…okay lets go back to playing someone fun.
-Ghalt : Played him once, I liked him but he’s kinda weird

Rouges : 3 way tie between Orendi / Shane & Aurox / Tobi

-Orendi : Played a few times, I liked her but her stile is so weird its like trying to attack with defensive spells
-Shane & Aurox : Played a few times, I like them, feels alot like Galilea but with a ranged attack instead of a block
-Tobi : Played a few times, I was surprised that I liked playing as him.
-Whiskey Foxtrot : Played once, Super vanilla mode.
-Reyna : Played her once, not to my taste but a good character

Jannerit : Rath or Caldairus

-Rath : Played for a bit, got to 7 or 8 ish, super glass cannon kamikaze mode. could sometimes hit and run away
-Caldarius : Played once : felt like a Glass Cannon version of Mellka so I liked it
-Ambra : Played her once, got owned bad. Not sure what people do on her to make her so godly but I clearly cant play her.
-Attikus : Didn’t test in the Beta
-Deande : Didn’t test in the Beta

EL Dragon

I imagine you may like Deande.

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From my brief experience in the open beta:

Jennerit: Rath - Once I got the hang of him, I really liked how he played. I also like the way he looks though I wish you could use the big sword on his back.
Peacekeepers: Oscar Mike - Pretty traditional shooter but once you upgrade those 'nades, he does really good AoE. He also says some great lines. “Cloudy with a chance of space lasers!”
Eldrid: Didn’t like these, personally. Thorn for gameplay since she’s good dps. I just really like the way Kelvin looks but not his style of play.
LLC: ISIC - Good mix of tank/dps and some great quips.
Rogues: Reyna - She’s a fun support class and damn sassy.

So after the Beta my preferences have changed up a bit…

LLC- El Dragón
Rogue- Whiskey Foxtrot
Eldrid- Boldur (likely to change over to Alani)
UPR- Trevor Ghalt
Jennerit- Deande (took my heart from Mellka)

Jennerit: Ambra
Eldrid: Boldur
LLC: Kleese
Peacekeepers: Montana
Rogue: Whiskey (Tango) Foxtrot

Phobe (Really want to try Kleese)
Shane and Aurox (Really want to try Toby)