So poorly optimized, is this ever going to get fixed?

I love Battleborn, I have 110 hours + into the game, and I have just moved from my laptop to my new pc. Which i will admit runs smoother than the laptop but not as i like.
I am running an r9 380x and a fx 8320e and I can barley maintain 60fps on low settings with some exceptions like high view distance, high textures and fxaa, on the campaign when there are enemies spawning in at distance i get drops to 30-40 and in fights on all pvp maps i will get a straight up 40 fps. It’s playable but unacceptable for me to get these framerates on this system, especially on low graphics settings.
Just wondering if anyone else with an AMD build is getting problems like these, extremely frustrating, I also have recent drivers, hope it can be fixed.

Drop the physics settings down if you haven’t yet (It’s a new setting so just making sure you’ve noticed it) it’s based on Nvidia Technologies (PHYSX) and doesn’t run as good on AMD. View Distance is also an FPS hog in this game.

Dropping these might boost FPS and even let you raise other settings.

You could also try to run Hardware AA instead of the in-game FXAA, it’s not very good anyway and might run worse than what AMD offers. (Just a guess)

I did read of some .ini edits that have helped AMD users, I’d look it up for you but I’m on mobile atm.

Sorry I can’t give any real advice, not an AMD user and not on my PC to do any research. But I’m sure performance improvements are being made, my FPS has improved greatly after release.

Thank you, I have already tried minimum particle settings and i have completely disabled physx in the ini files, but i got next to no improvement, but i did get about a 5 fps boost when i switched my view distance from high to medium.

This is going to be really dumb, but have you tried running it in “Borderless Window” mode? For some reason, I had terrible frame rate problems in full screen both with my GTX 780 and now my GTX 1070, but switching to “Borderless” seems to fix everything.

Yeah i’m running it in borderless windowed mode, I have bumped my settnings down to minimum and dont see a frame rate difference.

Considering i’ve had a popular thread about this on the PC support forum since day 2(months ago) of release i doubt they will do anything about it. From what i can tell gbx/2k is more worried about making/selling more skins/dlc.

Running a barely-better (FX 8350) processor and arguably barely-worse (EVGA GTX 960) GPU, and while I don’t really pay attention to framerates I just don’t get any visual problems in the game.

Not running as beautifully and smoothly as DooM, sure, but running more than well enough that I’ve never noticed anything I’d consider a problem, that isn’t related instead to my intermittent connection issues (YAY COMCAST!).

Not sure what to tell ya. Hope you get it resolved to your liking, though!

For the record, 2k is in charge of financial things. GBX just makes the content. But DLC is just the lay of the land nowadays, at least Battleborn isn’t following the path of Battlefront.

DLC is fine. But if you knowingly release a game that has terrible performance. The game then dies on PC because of that. Maybe you should focus on fixing the performance not making DLC and micro transaction skins. That’s all I’m saying :slight_smile:

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Gearbox doesn’t really have a choice, and 2k doesn’t care, Evolve is perfect evidence of this.

Also, “knowingly release a game that has terrible performance”, really? I’ve only seen a few threads like this, and even then, it’s not like it’s an easy problem to solve when every person’s hardware is different, and there are a thousand other problems that need solving because 2k doesn’t give a ■■■■ about GBX.

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The entire midrange of AMD cards(anything below 290x) hasn’t worked since Day 1 release. Steam forums where covered in threads for the first week. Then every one quit. Don’t tell me they didn’t know about this.

Shoulda just published it for Mac and been done with all the technical problems by now.

(And I’m shutting up now.)

Yes, but they didn’t know that when they released the game, which is what you’re incinuating with your wording.