So.... ranked playlists?

When will we see a ranked playlist?

Right now it’s just pub stomping galore.

WTB Ranked ASAP.

PS. <3 Battleborn. It’s OP.

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The current PvP playlist has skill based matchmaking. It calculates how well you play and puts you against players of equal skill based off of how you do. It takes a while to correctly rate you, and matches still usually aren’t perfect, so it often feels as a though it isn’t working, but it is.

Sorry but in this topic, if it doesnt feel like its working… its cause its not… at least if you are constantly smashing people… if you feel that way cause you are losing then it probably is working about right with you being the lowest ELO rating or something… I on the other hand am constantly bouncing between like leveled people and someone who is rank 2-10… my stats would indicate a very high ELO so idk why my teammates and enemies bounce around the skill spectrum so much

Im rank 60 btw.

And I know CR doesnt = skill, but experience greatly effects skill so… it kinda does give an indication

I dont know if they tweaked it but all yesterday i was in balenced matched not everyone was the same cr but they was no one below 30

winning and losing also depends a lot on how/who your team is playing. It’s just as important to know how to play YOUR character as it is to understand your teammates/opponents characters. That’s what I love about this game, it seems no two games ever really go the same. I can go from having a 15-0 game as thorn, then the next game have 1-5.

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Is there a way to see your ELO/rank?

Even the games I “lose”, I still end up going like 25-7.

Either I’m god tier at this game or it doesn’t seem to be working as intended.

I’m inclined to think the latter is more likely.