So really ... how many our we on Consoles?

So I watched a couple of weeks ago that PC’s player base was around 76 players by LFTstrafe (LINK : ).

Luckily for me I’m on console (PS4) and I’m aware that player base is way bigger… or so at least I thought.

Day or night , it doesn’t matter . I wait around 20-30 mins for a match and even then its the same players I find
(Jewthug , Oh-My-Kod ! I’m looking at you XD)

I’m starting to wonder how many are we here ? before this ■■■■ fiesta goes downhill for gearbox !
Is there a way to see how many players play this game right now on PS4/XB1 ? (like in steam)

BTW my user is OZcomingFRoo .
Did somebody play against/with me ?

It’s not a player base, it’s a number of concurrent players at that moment.


This number is not the PC playerbase, its the number of players on Steam which played in the hour within the inquiry was made.
So 76 people played BB in the hour of the search. Steam charts are a devious mistress and its easy to take the numbers out of context or to missinterprete them.
Here an inquiry from 5 min ago:

You see there ae 3 different numbers. The first shows players within the last hour. But its not a number one could label as “Average player number”, at least in my opinion.

I´m certainly not saying 200-300 people is great or alot, but Steamnumbers are often interpretated wrong, thats what I want to point out.

EDIT: Ninjad by @maskerader :heart:

As for console playernumbers: No theres no way to give an estimated number.
I´m on XB1 and have no issues at all regarding playerbase or Matchmaking. I see new players every week and have rarely get randomly matched with people I already know.


yea 123 for PC

bro … 50+ players is not a big deal … no hard feelings

Okay let me correct myself . the player base is about 100-400 depending on the time you play .
Still … its really small

As said, I only wanted to point out the common misinterpetations that happen with Steamcharts.

And I stated that I did not wanted to say 300 players is much or a healthy state.

Personally I just see no benefit or constructivity in stating the low playernumbers, since most people already know this is a big problem.
The players know, GBX know, so i think its safe to say its something we all worry about for a long time now.

Everytime I think about the low playercount I try to take an hour free from my job and play, since its the most constructive thing I can do.

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Yes, that’s not a “player base” it’s the average number playing at any one time. The player base is not ingame 24 hours a day. It is small though. I’d like to see over 1000 players on at peak times. This needs to get into an upward spiral.

This is not a player base.

Player base is the number of players who play the game regularly. Using terms in a wrong manner leads to massive misunderstanding, I’ve seen people saying “OW has 10 millions players while BB has 2000” when 10 millions was total number of OW owners on all systems and 2000 was BB’s concurrent players count on PC only (total number of BB owners was around 1 million at that time, btw).

But yes, both player base and amount of concurrent players are very low.

We have no way to get the info but I’ve never had a problem matchmaking on PS4, while I hear Xbone is even faster

I suppose it heavily depends on a region, US being mostly alive while others - not so much.

PS4 - lately I haven’t had much of an issue.
It’s definitely gotten better, 5-10 minute wait if that for Incursion.
I wish the PVE numbers were larger, but I imagine they will be once new story missions come out.

I’m optimistic.

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No way to know for certain on consoles. Only things to go on are indirect stats, like the number of ‘likes’ for the game in the PS4 OS (which are pretty small comapred to other games).

my brother and I popped in Halo 3 for the hell of it yesterday and there were 8,000 + in social slayer alone . . . I’m thinking that’s more than all of BB across all platforms tbh
I’m on PS4 and I’ve noticed lobby wait times are taking much much longer over the past 2 months and it doesnt seem to be getting better.

I can’t even guess, but i’m seeing new players every day and level 100’s. so i assume it’s alive and well.

Hey I know both of those dudes! Oh my kod, good players and that’s why I added him haha. And new thug just wrecks with Benedict

Consoles will be affected in the same way the PC was. The numbers drop after release with minor bumps along the way with DLC and patches but every game faces this inevitable slide as players lose interest, buy new games. The fate of this game was set before launch, two major factors affected the game sales, the first is that the Betas didn’t really inspire the fans enough and second. that other game garnered all the media attention. I have been saying it all along that most people like a simple experience and OW gave them that. The season pass advertised felt a bit weak just like the one for Borderlands the Pre Sequel and we all know how long that game lasted before it was ended. Some people really just love BB but unfortunately most don’t.

I havent been active in the last week. My waiting times with a group is 2-10minutes if queue sólo it can take up to 20 min to find a group and a match.

So far i have seen a lot of new players, i send them some tips if they performe badly…

I play in odd times, 6-7am, 5-9pm, 1-4am, i always find a group even if is in Asia… I hate to play with asians… Lag+good players =hell

I am sure many people would love Battleborn, however most people never get to try BB since they already spent their 30-60$ on Overwatch. Holding to their set price tag and trying absolutely nothing to bring in new players has cursed this game to be a failure. Buy Overwatch for 30-40$, play Paladins for free or you can pay 32$ and buy Battleborn. What is the incentive to buy or even try Battleborn? The price is the same as Overwatch, but the population of the two games is drastically different. I found Battleborn on sale on the Humble Bundle Store for 7$, and I am tempted to buy it, however everything I read tells me buying Battleborn is just a waste of money since queue times are just ridiculous and the two other very similar games (Overwatch/Paladins) are being managed much better.

Honestly I find it quite odd that over the 10 or so months since release the Devs have done absolutely nothing to address this issue. And because of that even at 7$ I feel like I will be wasting time and money.
It is like they had some success with Borderlands and have decided there is now only one way to market their games. Battleborn is a different type of game and should be managed as such.

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