So.... shepherd minions

How does everybody feel about the shepherd’s ability to overshield Battleborn? To me, it seems like an inconsistency that doesn’t need to exist. I’m all for having shepherds in Incursion, but it saves people on accident and just mucks up the dynamic of hero fighting. They should only shield minions as to aid in a stronger push. It should be up to the Battleborn alone as to how effective they can capitalize on that. Additionally, it kind of detracts from those heroes who naturally have overshields in their kit. Or do I just put too much stock in the heroes themselves? Idk.



Yeah they need to get rid of that feature.

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I don’t mind it.

People need to learn the timing of and learn to work with / deal with the minions, who are now a serious threat.

I do love the element of extra danger / difficulty the Shephers and their Overshields bring to Incursion.

Plus, it allows Reyna to be a lot more selective with her Overshield.

Extra shields can’t be bad!

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I am all for player shielding shepherd minions, except for when they save an enemy Benedict, in which case I despise nothing in this game with greater intensity.


I feel like it penalizes Eldrid further. Luckily that’s essentially inconsequential, but still sad

No one ever uses god damn shield pen.
I get it everyone would rather have 10% more blah blah blah
But really those options never get used and they really should

You can get certain character to bypass shields entirely and entirely shut down shield dependent characters and Shepards


I personally don’t mind the player shielding, it’s the shepherd healing that’s absurd. I emptied three and a half clips of Mellka’s envenomed bullets into one the other night and for the life of me couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t dying. Then I noticed it was a perfect combo of it applying its overshields and a Miko healing it. That simply should not happen. Again that’s just my two cents, you can keep the change.


Yeah this is actually an oversight that I agree with. With weaker minions, healing was pointless but now it’s a bit too much

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I really like it. It adds another level of strategy and it gives you even more reason to stick by and protect your minions.

The shields are pretty predictable which means you can use them to your advantage. I was pretty disappointed when they were removed the first time.

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Did you wound the minion wave with Spike? That should take care of any Miko shenanigans…

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No but I know that for next time. I was just taken back cause I wasn’t expecting a bullet proof minion. The Shepherds should really get the 6th Man Award this year lol

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This game already has plenty of strategy without it


With minions getting stronger and stronger anyway, they don’t need a 400ish overshield every 10 seconds. Especially now most aoes are weak now.

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  1. Prioritize Shepard and take it out fast before it can shield anybody by focusing on the weakspots. Like every decent player was doing for ages in Meltdown mode.
  2. Place AoE skills on minion waves preventing enemy battleborn to be close to the Shepard bot.

I think the over shield is just bs luck. ‘Just time it, it’s strategy.’ T_T No, no. It’s luck. It’s pure luck. Idc what everyone is going to say about it, and people will tell me it’s skill strategy and usually I am all open for discussing things but this. BS. This over shield is stupid. I wouldn’t mind if it overshieldedz itself and the tiny minions, but not Battleborn. Done.

I love it, Incursion is made better by shepherds. I always have to ping it to focus everyone, but once people know to prioritize it first, it gets crazy fun.

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AoEs are smaller than the damn minion waves now tho


Why does it matter, if they are near the Shepard, you get an overshield, and you do too not just the enemy

Well, I don’t want to be getting saved after being an idiot. If I leave a fight too late, I deserve to die. “You will now get an overshield” is unfair af. It is not skill based, I think it’s bad in a competetive game.
Just let Reyne do her ■■■■■■■ job, stupid Shepard. You skill stealing bitch.

Editied because of reasons.
A little bit of joking is not appreciated. :mushroom:

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Reyna can heal any overshielded target when she has her legendary equipped :I

Thank u lil shepard bot for the free heals