So.... shepherd minions

That’s cool, but Reyna just wanted to feel unique and SHerpard had to take her job from her. :,(

It is in now way RNG, it literally is on a set time and an AOE

Yeah, and you will never ever luckily walk past it just to get an overshield by chance.

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There is difference in luck and RNG, by your luck, orendi killing a stealth pendles in stealth she did not see with SFP or pillarstorm is RNG

Doesn’t change that I don’t agree with Sherpard giving an overshield. I’m not really caring about the difference between RNG and luck, I said that getting an overshield by luck is bs imo.

Orendi getting the kill because pillarstorm procs pendles in stealth is bs in my opinion, just like how status effects (not the effect itself, just the animations) stay on him in stealth that are not reveals

It’s a discussion about the Sherpard overshield though.

I know your reasoning on it being RNG is flawed

Edited my post. Happy now?

Hey no need to get mad, it’s just that a lot of thing that happen can be considered bs, so wanting to get rid of one thing because of that is stupid

I want to get rid of this because I think it is bs. I don’t think a lot of other things are bs, but the things I DO think are bs are things I’d like to see changed. Like Ambra’s survivability in combination with her damage. Or Kleese’s shield damage to the mortars.

Everyone has an own opnion. The fact that I think something is bs, doesn’t mean it is stupid I want to get rid of it.

Yeah I jumped the gun a bit, but in all honesty other things first

Take a hero like marquis for instance. He will probably never see those overshields. He is far from the lane and likewise will be shooting heroes with over shields. I could go on but hypotheticals can be dangerous

When I’m marquis I shoot the Shepard crit spot so no overshield

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Take a hero like rath who uses the overshield to his advantage to burst through the enemy ranks and maul said Marquis.

Let’s get dangerous with the hypotheticals.

Roll for initiative!

I personally think it’s fine. It encourages players to hang around the minions, which in both gamemodes involving them is a key part of the gameplay and strategy.

It’s on a preset timer, the overshields always trigger when the minion wave gets to the same points. If you learn when these are, you can get a pretty reliable overshield if you can get into position.


It’s fine, and I can adapt to it, but I personally don’t enjoy it as much. I shouldn’t be able to empty a full magazine into the crit zone of a single lil gun bot and have it not die. Before the minions were too weak but I feel they took it too far in the other direction. Plus losing enemy kills to the Shephard’s overshield, while acceptable, is really, really lame.

If we could have a balance between where we’re at now with minions and how it used to be I feel it’d be ideal.

Yeah, personally I think either the stronger minions change or the AoE nerfs would be fine on their own, but not both of them at once.

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Exactly. I feel like the current changes make some team comps a lot less viable due to now having trouble with clear where they didn’t used to. It shouldn’t take longer to shred a trash minion than it does an opposing player.

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I’m not having as much trouble with the new minions because I go in with wave clear builds in mind but I totally see your point. Im hoping they don’t get rid of minion growth but maybe they could reduce how quickly they scale