So shield augments don't work when you're holding the shield?

The run speed and the healing augments that work when standing near the barrier stops as soon as you pick it up. Is that intentional? I didn’t realize I was failing to get the bonuses for healing when I picked the barrier up. That really blows.

U do get healing when you pick it up check again maybe u forgot to activate augment after respecting or sth

On PS4 in sanctuary after getting Grenaded by a slot machine, I place my shield down and begin regen. I pick up my shield to move back to the slots and the regen stops. I tested it with run speed augment as well. Augments stop functioning when the shield is in hand.

Maybe this is a PS4 specific bug.

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dunno mate i am on PC and everytime i have barrier on me and stand for a second i can see health regen aura

Yet another PS4 specific bug then like the Mayhem pedestals not being available in TVHM.

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Yeah I’m on ps4 as well and noticed early on that I lose the health regen aura/etc when picking up the shield.

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I put a bug report in the tech support forum. Hopefully they see it and fix it. Right now holding the shield is pretty useless with the augment for healing.

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Yup just noticed this bug. I was attempting to stack movement speed for violent momentum and picked up this augment. It literally does not work if you are holding the shield. Practically destroys my build set up

Barrier says that bonuses are reduced when picking it up in the skill description.

What I assume is happening is the bonus is going from a useful value to a less useful one.

Ill test tonight regarding it.

It’s not gonna be a very long test, just throw the shield in front of you while running, then run through it.

Boom, speed bonus. You can pick the shield up after running past it because its hitbox is pretty big, bigger if you have the dome. Pick it up, get move speed. Drop it, pick it back up.

You won’t get the bonus perpetually, but you will get the bonus. Game already says picking it up reduces bonus.

Barrier seems meant for repositioning, not for immortality. Immortality build depends on having CCC, which it seems fair you wouldn’t get all of the huge buffs of the shield all the time if you can have it up forever (based on your ability to crit while shielded).

Or it could be bug and you are not getting reduced? I would prefer to test rather than rely on endgame descriptions…

Does it also say healing value reduced when holding the shield? Because it goes from some healing to zero healing.