So since anoints got now hotfixes, there are two more that need to be looked at

Speaking of the 20% radiation damage one for Amara, no explanation needed.

And the + 50% elemental chance one for Amara, why does this even exist in the first place when there is a 75% elemental damage AND chance for all VHs?

the 20% radiation is already a confirmed text error, it was tested in builds chat of bl3 discord server. Likely other amara ones are as well for whatever reason if you’re saying there is another one? But that seems harder to test.

what is the 20% rad one doing then?

Oh, I apologize. It’s actually appearing in game as 75% right now. I actually misunderstood your post the first time I read it.

It’s doing 20% lol, let me get a screenshot that will make more sense.


It’s appearing in game as this right now, but it’s just a text bug. I thought you were talking about this.

if it was 75% it would be actually quite nice

Yah like I said I misunderstood your post because I assumed you were bringing this up, but it’s doing 20% still. Idk though lol these are just random filler anointments I guess… I don’t know why they’re in the game compared to others xD


I get a lot of mileage out of that 20 Percent anoint. But I have no explanation for why.

I really feel like it’s more than 20% to be honest, it almost feels like it should read “enemies take 20% extra damage as radiation damage”

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That feels oddly accurate. Like a weird Laid Bare situation. I just know that it feels stronger than the number suggests.

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It actually deals 40%, just like it did before when it said “20%”. So nothing’s changed.


Nice, not confusing at all gearbox :rofl:

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lo wtf I was wondering about that I found a gun with this annoint and I thought noice. So it is actually bs?

Oh no what’s wrong with Laid Bare?

Also I’d like to see Phaseslam anoints trigger with Fracture and Downwell too (and Downwell to get a buff to make it worth using ever). Also don’t know why Phaseslam gets the 300% weapon damage and Phasecast gets the 250% weapon damage when Phaseslam has a lower cooldown.

Want to see that reversed ideally, or at least have them both at the same level. I love and prefer Phasecast but I feel forced to use Phaseslam because of the 300% weapon damage stuff.

Laid Bare is amazing. I meant a “enemies take 20% bonus” would be a weird spin on a Laid Bare esque effect.

Also, trust me, if you prefer Cast, just do Cast. That fifty percent is not noticeable enough to make you do it for it. Also, pretty sure slam has longer cooldown? But that’s just what I’ve always thought.

But I have a cast and a slam build. My cast build actually uses the aforementioned 20% Radiation anointment.

Ah ok. And why do you use the radiation perk? I feel like if you’re Amara and not using a Phasegrasp build you’re just gimping yourself if you’re not using the 250% or 300% weapon damage perks. They’re just so much better than everything else she has access to.

Short answer

Long answer

Oh I read the anoint wrong. Thought it was 75% bonus weapon damage as radiation, didn’t realize it was overall damage. Makes sense and now I want one lol

not sure if im reading text wrong but phaseslam doesn’t have the lower cooldown. Phaseslam is 35 sec. while phasecast has a 28 sec. cooldown. Again i could be interpreting it wrong, but i do agree about Phaseslam anoints working with fracture and downfall. I’d actually like to see Downfall changed to leave an elemental pool on the ground depending which element you have selected.

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Ah ok thought Phaseslam had the lower cooldown for some reason