So since Eridium is "useless" for a lot of people and Amara is a Siren

…I’m just wondering if perhaps there could be a possible skill tree of Amara’s in the future that uses Eridium in her playstyle. I remember Jack in the TPS used a skill that gave him stacks for money and I think he had other bonuses via money or Hyperion gear. I could see a similar “stack” mechanic to Jack’s or maybe something like Gaige. Gaige would get stacks and turn pretty demonic/powerful so never understood why in-lore Sirens could use Eridium but in actual gameplay the Sirens never even brought up that subject.

I know I know Amara probably doesn’t know how to use Eridium at the start of the game but I’m assuming new skill trees will be coming along with DLC so it makes sense that after all of the events that happened that Amara would train with either Maya(force ghost?), Tannis, Ava or read up about Siren techniques/powers from the monks on Athenas or all the stuff Typhon would have left laying around. Hell, after watching what Lilith was capable of WITHOUT Eridium I’m really curious as to what secrets she had and why she was much more powerful than the other Sirens.

Within this game there is a Zane skill that consumes grenades to further amplify his clone. Grenades that use more than 1 grenade to amplify damage. Gamma from Flak super charges the pet. If people are literally hoarding thousands upon thousands of Eridium I can see a gameplay mechanic where you could play as Amara and use say 10 or 20 Eridium per action skill use (augment) to increase the powers of your action skill by a whole lot! This would serve to be a VERY UNIQUE playstyle that is Amara’s only and also give her some actual use of her being a Siren.

It irked me whenever cutscenes happened that Sirens are so important yet Amara is just there in the background and never mentioned. This could tie into that a bit and also help make her a bit more useful story-wise and maybe a plotpoint for future DLC since she is obviously going to be needed in Borderlands 4. Tannis isn’t a person that strikes me to be the badass in an alien war and Ava isn’t a powerhouse yet either. Amara is going to need to rage war sooner or later (and what better way to do that then amp herself up with Eridium!).

the team of borderlands 3 are not as creative as the team of tps dont compare them.

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I get what you’re saying but at the same time putting Amara on the pedestal because of her being a Siren whould have preatty mutch put Zane, Fl4k and Moze in the backround as “extras”.