So...Slaughter Shaft or Cistern for legendaries?

Or is playing casually on M1, maybe M2, just not enough for the goodies?

Now that the event is over, Slaughter Shaft.

They won’t drop as fast as they do on M3/M4 if you play in M1/M2 but they’ll still drop.

I actually had enormous luck with Slaughterstar 3k (TVHM M3). Almost every round of each wave dropped one (or more!) legendaries.

More badasses in shaft though, so more likely to get more loot…

M4 Slaughter Shaft FTW, by round 5 it’s hard to see for all of the leggies on the ground lol


May have just been lucky, but I played Slaughter Shaft for the first time (No mayhem, 'cause I’m what the kids call bad at the game) and I got a decent handful of legendaries on both the first and second run through.

I ditto that, If I’m farming randoms I usually go to round 2 or 3 and let myself die and just keep farming those waves with in half an hour your map is covered :+1:(but that’s on m4)

You can teleport back to the station inside the slaughter mid round to reset, and save yourself some money.

You’ll still fail the round.

Heh, never even thought of that :see_no_evil:lol
Thanks for the heads up👍

I run it through, travel to Sanctuary then do it again lol

I just find I get more legendaries from rounds 2 or 3 so its quicker to just repeat them for abit instead of doing the whole thing

I’ve played the Slaughter Shaft a lot, not so much farming, more like testing builds - a good challenge. But I want new Redistributors :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: !) For that I need to play the Takedown (on M4 for some other M4 exclusive stuff :grimacing: ) Don’t mind the Takedown too much – I play it using public matchmaking. It’s usually successful just a bit more stressful since I don’t want to die and leave the team short or spectate other players.

Definitely Slaughter Shaft. Cistern was good with the hearts event but now that its gone SS is the best source for world drops.

SS , cistern rakk is annoying and cistern doesn’t drop as much as SS anyway .

Cistern can drop maggie n lyuda n scourge , that the upside of it


If you’re looking for Scourge, Cistern is a good place. Also Babymaker++ seemed to drop consistently there.