So something amazing happend. Went offline

I read someguy talking like how he got 7 koasons on here n stuff… And he was offline with cartel disabled. So i tried it too… Within mayhe 40 kills i got 2 plague bearers.
One good as its ase but its not what i need personally. But still. Thats a big difference between farming warden 1-2 min kills like.a youtube phenom
For 10 hrs and seeing 1 thing. Does this game screw me over when im online? Lmao… Imagine? Ur online so ur gonna coop we’ll just make shure u dont get anything… I dont know anymore.

Maybe its all rng. I was actualy recording myself to show devs multiple non loot splosion drops are not m10 at all … Just normal lvl 57. And i was reaching 30 downs

Tbh i farmed him before for 10 hrs since then didnt change dedicated drops im surprised. Maybe im crazy. Im used to farming for hours n seeing nothing. I was getting nothing… Till i went offline.

If it continues then well… Ill always do this when im farming then.

2 plaguebearers in 40 kills does not sound anything out of the ordinary. I have 3 of them in approximately same number.

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Really ive done over 100 kills and saw 1 before. That was my rate. Placebo effect of seeing loot. Do u play online while u farm?

Edit: i mean im.used to.killing maybe 30x a hour nnindo like 4 hours straight like a nutcase and see maybe 1 dedicated.

Alao what platform.are u on? U zboz guys seem lucky

I am on ps4 I am always online

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Maybe I’m hella lucky, but I seen to get one every 10-20 kills. I couldn’t believe it but I got 2 back to back kills last night. I stopped farming him on that note.

My co-op buddy has over 1000 kills of killavolt and so far, no x8 cryo sntnl monarch.

RBGesus innit

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I play off line and my RNG is good. The only gun I farmed a long time for was the DNA, and it is a really weak gun. Could be cool with a Buff.

Even offline, you are playing with all the code included in the last patch ie, M2.0 and Cartels. All you are missing are the 3 adjustment hotfixes released since then.

Rng is a massive influence due to everything that has to align to produce that “God roll” hell even to get something slightly useful can feel like you cheated the odds just now let’s face it. :laughing:


my bestie is Katagawa jr super generous with sandhawk I wish every new dedicated was like that,personal worst of the worst is GenIVIII, beating even general Traunt

More like Lootcifer

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RNG works in your favor sometimes, and sometimes not. Yesterday for example… I’d realized I hadn’t gotten a Plaguebearer yet to play with so I bumped up the mayhem level and proceeded to get one on my second try. Contrast to Traunt where it took about 20 kills before I saw my first Kaoson (and then got 2 more within 10 kills, so there you go.)

I see a lot of people complaining about dedicated drop rates. Well, welcome to Borderlands, that’s how it’s always been. :slight_smile: Ever farmed BNK3R for a Sham in BL2? A Norfleet from Hyperius? 2nd-gen pearls from tubbies?

(For what it’s worth, I’ve never gotten a 94% Sham, or a Bekah or Godfinger.) :smiley:

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To really get a good estimation on how your drops really are you would need to do thousands of farms. Just a few dozen or a hundred runs are not a good estimate. I once farmed the Warrior in BL2 for 5 hours straight with each kill taking around a minute and I got not a single conference call. The next day I went down on him again and got 3 CC in 20 runs (old BL2 droprates btw, so 3,33% chance for a dedicated drop). That’s RNG at it’s finest.


I tried this for a while this morning while farming Traunt. Can’t say that I noticed a difference at all.

Not according to zKarmaa. He says that BL3 is very consistent with drops in groups of 100.

This isn’t necessarily directed at you, but people need to stop bringing up BL2 when making excuses for BL3. Just because something was a certain way in a previous game doesn’t mean that it needs to be the same in this game. I don’t care how things were in BL2. That’s not the game that I’m playing.


My example had literally nothing to do with BL3 directly, just with the rules of probability. Also, if the drops were consistent, then the RNG would be manipulated. However, from tests when people were crazy enough to farm certain enemies a thousand times they had the usual dry periods and floods, which are to be expected from the usual “ticket” systems that decide drops. If there is consistency in low numbers, that means that there is no randomness, also a rule of probability.

Kody McHugh, a small BL3 YouTuber made a massive farming month where he first farmed all enemies 100 times and later went on to farm certain enemies 1000 times. From what I could gather it looked like the usual spread of drops, from world drops to dedicated drops (he even listed all drops in his 100 kill farms). Although I haven’t revisited him since the launch of Mayhem 2.0, so there might be something fishy going on right now.

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Bl3 's farming is way more difficult cuz rng. I jjuat had to worry about parts. There wasnt akot to the norfleet or anoints. Bunker was like a 2 second ordeal with any flakker and swap to that crappy fish hook launcher thingie.

Ppl say veno spawning is hard but the house wit ladder and a machine at the bottom After killling an invincible and waiting itd spawn and waiting by a train tracks lol.

Bosses had limited pools of loot. Its not like tbis game.where thry drop 100 million garbage legendaries. You want. Lyuda desert church etc.

You farmed for parts variations and the minmax.
Even axton could ffyl tediore spam kill hyperious.

Blue and purple uniques weere viable. Bl3 is nothing like that.

Anoints ruin this game. You farm just to see the gun and then pray for the anoint. Its like winning the lotto as for my build i use only 2 anoints


BL3 made legendaries ordinary. My heart still skips a beat in BL2 when I find a legendary in the wild (be it a box, poo pile, locker or vending item).


Yes bl3 mad legendarys common trash and they really arent legendary.

Bl2 had viable blues and purples ppl started the whole gameover for! Now getting cool quest items at mayhem lvl is impossible

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I was a Bee Hawking Maya and managed to farm for Sandhawks in every flavor (when it was easy on P3).