So Steele's A Siren, Huh?

Why is a much bigger deal of this not made in the game?

Was Atlas keeping it a closely guarded secret?

Knoxx mentions Steele a few times, makes no reference to it.

Lilith never mentions it (to be fair, how would she know?).

Is it possible that the designers just liked the look of her tattoos / way of zipping around the Battlefield and transferred that to Maya in 2?

Well, Lilith has tattoos also, obviously.

Also, Steele never gets the wings.

And people mention Steele doing like a short Phasewalk type thing, but I don’t remember noticing that in my recent two whole characters to max level playthroughs (ok, Brick is only 59, but still…).

I just remember her zipping around like the Assassin ladies.

I don’t think the Siren “mythology” really became a thing until the second game.

If Steele WAS a Siren, Atlas sure wasted her!

BIG EDIT: There’s no way Hyperion / Jack would NOT have known about Steele. Jack would have wanted her corpse! At the very least, he should mention her in that one ECHO in Blands 2 when he’s listing what he knows about Sirens!

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I think part of that is a retcon since her character design was the original design for Lilith. Zed was the original Axton design. Reaver was the original Mordecai design. Good video about it here.

In retrospect, it does explain why she was the one handling the Vault Key in the final sequence. And yes her move set was taken from the Lance Assassins, who have the ability to teleport via technology (just like Athena did),

If they had been more ambitious with the Remastered Game of the Year Edition, it would have been nice to see them revise her character to be more unique as far as the motion capture and attacks, maybe even adding some sort of Siren ability. But maybe Jack wasn’t the first person to design a power restraint for sirens?


Food for thought!

Cool, I never knew any of that character design stuff!


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Do we see her in any real combat where she’d have a reason to fire them up? (I don’t remember her zipping around except for the Claptrap version, and she’s a cyborg there.

I dunno - they made her, what, a Major/Lieutenant of their army (‘commandant’) and sent her to handle this most important of missions. That she got sniped by the Destroyer was her own hubris.


Fair point, fair point!

And Atlas was certainly not known for their transparency.

I like how in some ECHO logs in the new Borderlands 2 DLC, Vladof Combat Troops (The Bear Corps) are ridiculously skilled and powerful.

I can’t remember who is narrating those echoes, I think a Hyperion researcher?

I was going to say I bet Steele regretted not going full Siren against the Vault Hunter(s), but I guess the only time you ever actually fight Steele is when she is remade as Steele-trap.

Ok, though, another question - would the Destroyer have been able to impale Lilith or any of the other Sirens, or any of the Vault Hunters, for that matter, as easily as it impaled Steele?

Technically, yes. However, the Vault Hunters appear to have a current subscription to the New-U network, so they don’t need to sweat it. :wink:


Non Canon. Non Canon, I say!