So, suggestion. If you guys ever think about adding in a Ranked mode

If you decide to add in Ranked Matchmaking. Can the unranked mode(s) have the Unique character restriction set to off? People who are full on serious about the game will more than likely gravitate towards rank where they can expect the Unique Character restriction to be set on. But for those of us who would like to do crazy pub games that have no Unique Character restriction on, I think it’d be pretty fair for the unranked mode to have it set off, yeah?

Also that would help ease the frustration that occurs when a brand new character is released and people begin dodging games because they didn’t get to play that new character.

tl;dr: If rank is added, let Rank have Unique Character restriction on and unranked to have Unique Character restriction set off.

No please.
This is a MOBA ffs, if you want this off you need to make a private match.


i would quit the game if they allowed multiples of the same character in pvp. then it would be no different from any other straight shooter.


Again… no one would want to go into a 5 man gal team… or really any 5 man team make up… 5 OM grenades in one spot… 5 spining raths… yeah no thank you, find people make a private match and do it there

More i think of this the more scary the thoughts get… 5 man deande team: Cloak, ambush, retreat, cooldown… … … Cloak ambush retreat.
5 Isic in seige mode… 5 Marquis sniping… 5 kelvins using their stun one after another…
Caldarious blind spaming…
Galt traps eveeeeeeeeerywhere + hooks… no no no no no

Yeah this would be a nightmare


5 rath > up and down and up and down and… then SPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPIN
Sumup : Rendain’s fight :smiley:

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