So. Supmatto, 2K ruined his life and dream

So. 2K isn’t going to own up to their mistake by accidentally leaving the twitch user, as an actual account on twitch for everyone to see.

So instead of taking responsibility and asking nicely like they have with other content creators to not leak their content, Supmatto has lost about 115 videos because of copy right claims. His discord channel shut down and most likely leaving his YouTube career for good.

The absolute disgusting tactics used are just appalling. You look at the other publishers like Activision or Ubisoft and they’re like “Aye! Free PR that’s dope, more peeps are hyped about our game.” But then you guys at 2K. You slimey lil turds at 2K. You just ruined this man’s life.

I hope when gearbox hears about it they’ll be breathing down your neck 2K. Pathetic. Randy.P gonna come at you with a buzzaxe.


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